YRKKH Superhit Kaira Top 10 Trending moments

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YRKKH Superhit Kaira Top 10 Trending moments Show is on a break because of Covid-19 scenario, but there are lots of delightful moments of Kaira to cherish.

YRKKH Superhit Kaira Top 10 Trending moments

1. Kartik and Naira’s joyful family full with Kairav later Vedika suggests their union. Vedika then demonstrates her actual intentions and has ousted in their heart.

2. Naira hallucinates feeling she’s going too much away from Kartik, the passing is going to divide them forever. She misses Kartik and yearns to have a moment together.

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4. Kartik creates a strategy with Naira to teach a lesson to Vedika by demonstrating that Kaira is only intended for each other. He does not need Vedika to benefit from the goodness and separate them. Vedika finally comprehends their leaves and message out of their lives.

5. Kartik supports Naira from the dancing academy anniversary parties. He can not stop complimenting her superb conventional style for the operation. Kaira overlooks the love in their lives amidst lots of anxieties going on in their own lives. They do not neglect to bring some time out for each other to cherish the fact that they’re together.

6. Kartik and Naira expose Javeri, Lav, Kush and Abhishek’s wicked crime. The Holi sequence attracts a moment of success for Kartik and Naira after Naira struggles with passing.

7. Kartik decides to inform Naira about their missing daughter being living and increased somewhere. He wishes to give her a big surprise but is not sure if she’s ready for the reality. He dreams of showing the facts to Naira along with her non-acceptance.

8. Kartik and Naira remain healthy during the days when they struggle against Lav Kush to find justice for molested Trisha. They reveal their faith in each other. Picture

9. Kartik and Naira discuss a moment of togetherness while they experience the sorrowful annoyance of losing their first child, their daughter Kaira. They shoulder each other in life’s roughest moment. Picture

10. Kartik and Naira’s moment of love while they endeavour the concept of social distancing. Their love can not be overlooked. Just picture high in this.

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