YRKKH Latest News Naira Kartik Goenkas Unite

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YRKKH Latest News Naira Kartik Goenkas Unite

YRKKH Latest News Naira Kartik Goenkas Unite

YRKKH Latest News Naira Kartik Goenkas Unite: YRKKH Last Episode Starplus Naira Kartik Goenkas unites Kartik and Naira develop with their unforgettable romance while they get into some real adventure enclosing the virus hazard tensions.

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Kartik did not see anybody so pretty much like her. He caresses her love. He assists her adorning herself for Dadi’s birthday celebration. He compliments her for her beautiful appearance.

They feel blessed to have each other. Kartik guarantees they won’t ever get separated. Kaira’s cutest moments are seen. They remember the times when small Lav and Kush utilized to disturb them. They feel the identical panic that Kairav will observe their romance. The few shares some sweet moments.

On the flip side, Suwarna, Surekha and Dadi pass a societal message once more. She needs them to appreciate the things that have together than purchasing everything by their cash. She tells her Bahus which they’re shown a mirror from the virus danger because they can see what that they neglected before.

Dadi needs the family to appreciate the organic assets. Samarth spends some time in procuring Gayu. He does not need her to confront any disease in the stage of her pregnancy.

Dadi gets a beautiful surprise by Goenkas. The family remains happy and joined. Kartik tells Dadi her birthday will stay special. Dadi is thankful to everybody. Dadi enjoys them a lot and conveys her feelings. Kartik says them they will experience before the cake cutting-edge.

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He urges the family to sing and sing just like they always do. Dadi feels considerably particular due to Kartik and also Naira’s wonderful birthday celebration thought.

Kartik and Naira treasure the minutes with all the family. The series went to the break because of Covid-19 situation. Kaira’s entry is going to be postponed.

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