Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 5 March 2020

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 5 March 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 5 March 2020: Mishti Slaps Kuhu

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 5 March 2020: The Episode begins with Kuhu stating I can not frame Parul. Kuhu says you need me to attribute Parul; she manages everybody. Jasmeet says she’s the maid of the home, think about it.

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 5 March 2020: Kuhu sees and turns Parul. Parul says you have scared, what occurred, Kunal is not eating meals, are you going to make him have a few snacks, I’ll deal with the work, do not worry about Abir. She says awaken, how much are you going to sleep, I’ll do poetry in case you don’t sleep.

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Kuhu asks everybody to have meals. Kunal says Abir must have awakened now. Kuhu asks what is going to tell him if he comes. Nanu says, do not worry, allow him to finish sleep, then he’ll go Garba. Kunal says Parul produced the meals, and Kuhu is accepting the charge. She says Parul; you inform the family now. Kunal and everybody looks on.

The physician says sorry Mishti; I must go to get an urgent surgery, I’ve clarified Abir’s situation to Dr. Joshi, he’s reaching. She asks Abir to wake up. She’s Shayari. She yells. He moves his hands. Parul asks what exactly did I do. Nidhi says you added that the tablets from the cold coffee.

Nanu says this is not any joke. Nidhi says I’m assuming the reality. Parul says it is correct that I maintain all of the medications; it does not indicate that I’ll do so with Abir.

Nidhi says Parul desired her son to perform the Aarti and Abhishek. Kaushal asks what exactly are you saying. Nidhi asks Kuhu to state it. Mishti says I’m new here, but know everybody, Parul can not even consider harming Abir. Kuhu says Meenakshi requested Parul not to maintain the medications outside.

Ketki asks Parul not to shout. Meenakshi says, stop it Nidhi, you’re developing a drama, Parul can not do so, why don’t do so, she does not have any reason. Kunal gets mad and says I wish to know the idea. Mishti says Parul is the mum; she did not take action.

He says she had been at the kitchen also had sleeping pills. He thinks I would like to know why this occurred; I’m not saying that she attempted to kill Abir, when she made a mistake, then she’d have advised the physician or us. Meenakshi says Parul can not do this.

Mishti sees Kuhu and says one that made errors must come out. Meenakshi asks why you are stating this to Kuhu. Kunal says, what exactly did Kuhu do? I wish to know it from Parul. Abir yells prevent it, Kunal… Everybody sees Abir and head to him.

Abir says I need I had been sleeping; I might have promised myself that its a fantasy, how do Kunal blame Parul for attempting to kill me. Mishti says that the misunderstanding will get rid. Parul says that he loves you a whole lot. Kunal hugs him and says I’m very sorry. Abir says you’ve got to confer with your mum.

Meenakshi says that I know Parul can not do so, but somebody has spiked the coffee. Abir says its house, no police’s torture space; I need to know if Kunal doubts Parul. He asks Parul to choose him to area. He says Kunal should know I m safer with anybody except you. Meenakshi believes Abir stored Mishti.

Varsha asks who are you currently messaging. Varsha says I’ll also speak to him. Rajshri comes and says Abir obtained aware. Jasmeet asks what is happening there. Rajshri says everybody will be happy.

He says she had been here with Kunal. She believes you can not avoid me. Meenakshi comes and tells you advised me to speak to you when I find anything incorrect, I’m convinced Parul will not do anything wrong using Abir, she’s my darkness, its somebody else’s error, you can not know what I go through, I wish to know who made this error, without bothering Abir, Kuhu went with Parul,

I gave sleeping pills to Parul, Parul left from the kitchen, tablets were there, Parul will not do so, thanks for listening. She believes I’ve shown you how, today, Kuhu is in your goal. The physician assesses Abir and says he’s fine now. Nanu says we will go far, we’ll devote time to such lovers, the actual romance is of these. Kunal and Abir appear on. Kunal says I did not want to hurt anybody. Abir says she’s the mum.

Mishti says Parul is Kunal’s mother; he had been blaming her, you began silent, you’re running off, it was the error, are you angry, why are you jealous of me personally, that is the limitation, you harmed Abir and today Parul. Kuhu says it’s occurring for you. Mishti says, do not blame me; you need to tell the truth for everybody.

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Kuhu says cease, sorry I did not want to force you to collapse. Mishti says you awakened me in my union afternoon and blamed you, you drugged Abir, which Kunal failed with Nannu. Kuhu says since you may drink that coffee, maybe not Abir.

Mishti slaps her and means that you don’t repent that you’re doing. Kunal says Meenakshi is a mother for me; personally, I want the time to take Parul as a mother. Abir says you can not afford feeble explanations. Abir says to learn how to accept the error and say sorry; you ought to haven’t talked to Maasi that manner. He belongs. Kuhu comes. Mishti closes the door. Kuhu leaves. Meenakshi seems on. (Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 5 March 2020)

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