Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 24 March 2020

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 24 March 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 24 March 2020: Kuhu Accuses Mishti Again

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 24 March 2020: The Episode begins with Kuhu dance on humma humma… He receives Meenakshi’s telephone number. He says that its mum’s call, I forgot to inform her that we’re here. He belongs. She asks him to pay attention to. Abir gets near kiss Mishti.

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Abir asks what is happening. Kunal says I’m going home. Mishti asks is all nice. Abir says mum is not fine, and she’s calling Kunal back, right. Kunal says I’ve imp work. Abir says mum could manage work, and she wishes to restrain Kunal. Kuhu says mum remains mad on Parul’s logo unveiling.

Kunal said when she phoned me, and then there’ll be something imp, I do not wish to disturb her. Abir says we must clarify mum that its incorrect to call Parul as a mum. Kuhu says I’m Abir. Mishti says Meenakshi is not a torturing Britisher, we ought to go home, ” she desires Kunal home.

Kuhu thinks I will not agree. Abir says I’ll call her. Kunal says that you don’t go, but we’ll determine what to tell her. Mishti says until then nobody will speak to her.

Kaushal says if did I state that Meenakshi can not take care of the project independently. Nanu asks him to discontinue it. Parul comes. Nanu says we understand Kunal was everything for Meenakshi; perhaps she believes his love got split, she needs the time to take the reality.

Parul says Kunal should happen to be with her, but he went for a vacation. Nanu says its great. Kaushal says we messaged Abir to not reply to Meenakshi’s telephone number. Parul says I’ll inquire Mishti when they are coming back again.

Meenakshi says fantastic, I was anxious and asked everybody since morning, today I understand Kunal has gone for a vacation with his wife by telling his mum, I’ve loathed everything, its error, home runs when a company runs. Parul yells and says I did not understand about Kunal; I’ll call him back again. Meenakshi says no demand.

Kuhu says she does not want us. Kuhu asks why did you turn into her attorney, to become good Mishti again. Mishti messages Ketki is all fine in your home. Nidhi goes to find rice. She asks Ketki to acquire Ajwain water. Ketki goes. Meenakshi checks her mobile phone.

Mishti calls for Ketki and says what is occurring there, Abir is mad and does not wish to go home. Mishti says, I’m sorry. Meenakshi says I’m sorry to spoil your vacation; you’ve returned the business. Therefore Kunal is the proprietor today.

Mishti asks may Kunal remain here for daily. Meenakshi says we decided to finish summer vacation, Kunal must signal, if he does not need to come back, I shall cancel the contract. Mishti says I’ll speak to him, and he will come back after registering.

Meenakshi says naturally. Mishti says Meenakshi will not be upset. Abir asks, are you currently talking to mum? Didn’t call you. Mishti says no, I’d called Ketki.

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Mishti says that I talked to mum by opportunity, its not possible to speak to Kuhu. They assert. Mishti says Kunal must sign a newspaper, and he will come back, mum has advised this. Kuhu says, alright, all of us will go together. Mishti says I’m trying to address this mess.

Kuhu says you’ve returned the organization and forced Parul to cut the ribbon. Mishti says I’ve seen you getting envious. Abir and Kunal get concerned regarding the battle. Mishti says she had been saying wrong items. Kunal says we’ll go and sign the papers, and we’ll come back. Abir says we will proceed. Mishti says I will not continue with Kuhu.

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