Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 18 March 2020

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 18 March 2020

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 18 March 2020 : Abir And Kunal Get Kidnapped

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 18 March 2020 : The Episode begins with Meenakshi asking, do not I have the right to do so. Mishti and Parul attempt to prevent her. Meenakshi says that my household has shown me my location. Parul says you have your area, and I want to do so, I love to look after everybody and cook meals for them.

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 18 March 2020 : She asks Kunal to describe Meenakshi. Meenakshi says, nothing really is same, you took my place at the office, and so I took your home at the kitchen, Kunal did, to tell the truth for everybody, Abir explained I wish to maintain the household, I made lots of errors, that is also my error.

She says I’ve decided, I won’t handle my company from today, Kaushal will handle this, and Kunal you did not understand the business, I’ve taught it, today Kunal will instruct the company to Parul, I believe she’d have done nicely if she got an opportunity, correct Abir.

Meenakshi says I am sorry. Nanu and Kaushal state it’s your small business. Paul says, Kunal learned everything out of you; he’s simply for you. She says anything happened, and it had been by your son Kunal’s desire, so he’ll decide it today.
Kunal says that I would like you to come with me into the workplace, like daily, please.

Parul and everybody asks her to go to the workplace. Abir gets angry. Abir leaves. Kuhu thanks Meenakshi for maintaining their petition. Kuhu and Kunal state you’re the world’s greatest mother. Meenakshi goes to prepare. Kunal says you’re facing this for me, I am sorry. Parul asks him not to be touched and concentrate on his work. He leaves. Mishti seems on.

Parul says Kunal forgot the java, and Abir did not take breakfast. Mishti says unwind, and I’ll provide him the flash. She asks him to discuss why’s he so angry. He asks why did not Mishti come, is she mad. She says Mishti is this, and I believed you’re worried about Meenakshi.

He says Mishti is my support system, and she’s upset because you broke the photograph frame. Kuhu asks, didn’t complain about me; she is not my sister. She goes. He believes they’re still battling. Mishti provides the flask into Kunal and says that which will acquire excellently.

Mishti says she is not my sister, so she continually disturbs me for all; it’s hard to be with Kuhu. He says I was not saying this. Abir says that I will go insane, wait, I’ll come. Mishti and Kuhu collide and dropdown. Abir seems on. Nidhi assists Mishti.

Kuhu says you’re helping her first. Nidhi assists Kuhu. Mishti says exactly how immature. Abir says, take me together, and we’ll go on a driveway. He also jokes. He predicts Jugnu and informs some strategy. They depart.

Kuhu says you would like to prove I am Parul’s bahu. Mishti says that I am Parul’s bahu too, my entire life is simple. Kuhu and Mishti state with no…. Kuhu goes to find the chchillsMeenakshi reads the information. She throws the paper. Kaushal asks is all nice.

She says nothing is beautiful, Parul is standing facing me, there’s confusion, the bankers and investors are thinking about how to speak, Parul or me. He asks what’s going to happen today. She asks him to telephone Kunal. She predicts Laxman and says I’m moving you an imp work, Abir and Kunal should not know that.

Abir asks Kunal to own tea. Kunal says we ought to have gone someplace else to hold the drink, will Kuhu and Mishti’s combat ending. Abir reveals the holi video. Abir says they adore us. Kunal says I believe Kuhu does not even like me. Abir says I’m am sure she loves you, we’ll do something they enjoy each other. Kuhu functions to be active. Mishti says I need to go NGO to get work.

Kuhu says I must go for a customer meeting. Mishti says I’ll help you, and I will work at home. Nidhi says Mishti is now Meenakshi to perform work and manage work. Kuhu arrives to assist Parul. Parul thinks you can do anything. Mishti believes Abir left me and proceeded to see a film, will I inquire Kuhu, overlook it. She receives a call. The guy says I’ve kidnapped Abir.

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She asks who you are. He says kithe kidnapperShe jokes asks him to call her. She says somebody had been staged that Abir is captured, it may never occur. Mishti means for you. She receives a message… your spouse is kidnapped. She asks Mishti to observe the news. Mishti says you do not fear, Abir and that I had a struggle; he’s playing with this prank to snare me.
She receives Abir’s journal and reads it.

She learns about khichdi chor and says it means that it had been Abir, I believe he does not understand it had been me, I’ll inform him. She says that the kidnappers start looking for wealthy people to obtain a ransom until authorities grab them, I will not go out.

Ketki asks Mishti not to go outside independently. Mishti says I needed to go to NGO. She predicts Abir and Kunal. She believes their phone is away, are the problem. (Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Written Update 18 March 2020 )

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