Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 27 March 2020

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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 27 March 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 27 March 2020: Tabeezi Saves Aman

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 27 March 2020: The Episode Begins with Junaid throwing out Tabeezi from the house. Rubina/Tabeezi asks him not to do this. Junaid closes the door on her head. Rubina sits, yelling, and sees her infant, Farah. She hugs Farah and says that I did not know that Junaid had a spouse and kids; else I’d haven’t married him, you would never have got homeless.

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Junaid plays his kids. He gets all of the lands of Nawab. He provides her an older house to remain. He says that our kids won’t ever see poverty.

Dadi goes from the house and finds that the Jinn hand indicates on the house. Junaid’s supervisor tells her what about Junaid and Jinn’s bargain, his offense to depart Nawab’s daughter at the lake. Dadi says I will not let anything else happen to Aman. Junaid takes Aman to donate him into the Jinn.

Junaid was prepared to do anything for cash. Junaid takes Aman and calls outside the Jinn by rapping the charm Markab….. The Jinn comes to shoot Aman. Everybody becomes shocked. Dadi, Parveen, and Phupi shout and know that Jinn will not get taken by the bullet. They believe that they will take Junaid. Parveen says there’s not any other way, I dropped my husband, so I can not lose my son.

She says I’m almost a mother now. No one understood that Parveen could also be a Jinn. Dadi and Parveen shoot Junaid. He has stunned, seeing his loved ones. Dadi shoots Jinn to rescue Aman. She yells. Jinn disappears. Junaid and everybody gets shocking
Aman retains Junaid. He screams and yells Aman. He yells Ammi. Dadi runs. She keeps him. Dadi inquires why did you make this error, and it destroyed many lives. Junaid says I’ve done many crimes, but I did everything for my loved ones, I’d run all life following cash, I got the money and needed to depart the world.

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She says. He says he rescue me, and I do not need to perish. Dadi and Aman shout. All of them bury Junaid from the rear yard. Dadi says nobody will know about it, and this trick is right between us. They see the shrub leaves falling burning and down by the dark smoke. FB ends. Roshni and Aman did not know their destiny has written their own story because of their arrival.

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