Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 20 Feb 2020

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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 20 Feb 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 20 Feb 2020: Aman And Roshni’s Heated Argument

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 20 Feb 2020: The Episode Begins with Aman seeing Roshni and Yelling. Dadi calls him and says Parveen’s condition is wretched, both kidneys are damaged, the doctor said we need to locate a donor soon else… Aman goes to Roshni. She says there’s no spark in these ashes, I understand this fire did not ignite on own.

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They argue. He says I came to see how it looks when pride rests. She says you broke my heart. You can not break my pride. He counts her loan numbers. He says you can not even purchase a handkerchief to wipe tears. She says that I have insurance. He says I’m the owner of the insurance company; you won’t get money and not even sympathy.

She says I’ll do a job. She says I will not allow you to do that; you’ve got one choice, sign the contract, it is possible to work for me, its not charity, but my favorite. She says this was my childhood dream, my loved ones.

Aman says, stop it; I’ve burnt this bakery, you can do anything. She uses her power and damages his vehicle. Aman says love was made, at least have hatred entirely, its done like this. He calls Baazigar and burns his truck. She cries. She says I will not come to perform work at your workplace. He thinks you’ll come to work even you’ve died.

Roshni comes home and says sorry; I got overdue. Salma faints. Roshni yells and sprinkles water on her face. She calls a physician. The doctor checks her and provides a prescription. He says you’ll get the drugs at a large hospital, its expensive medications, it will at least cost 20000rs, hurry up, we do not have time, hurry up if you would like to save her life.

She says I want to speak to you. He sends out his staff. She says I take your offer. He says I did not hear it. She repeats. He smiles and says I do everything by my heart, love, and hatred, and your pride will break, you’ll get insulted, you’ll be my assistant, you’ll work for me. He says that I will like you to hear it, even when you don’t have any standing. She says I need 20000rs advance.

He says, but I have a condition, you need to get the identical contract, which you’d thrown on my head, you’ll sign on it, sprint. She runs. She goes to get the newspapers. The birds come to help and get the contract paper bits. Roshni smiles. She joins the newspapers. She goes to Aman. He asks her to sign.

She signs. He says you’ll listen to my every order, and this time obeys it also, now I have you. Saima and Sara come to select Chotu from college. He says that I have a stomach ache. They say you’re making excuses for three days, go and study well. He goes to class. A boy disturbs him.

Roshni sees Aman taking into a female customer on the video call. Imran asks who are you speaking to you. Aman says Mallika. Imran asks princess Mallika, who parties with SKR. Aman says she was my classmate, and you need to meet her. Imran says wait, and I must look at the program, I m occupied with Surbhi Jyoti now, famous television celebrity.

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Aman asks Khanna to prepare to welcome Mallika. Khanna says three people left jobs last time when she arrived. Aman says its hard to manage her, and she wants me to become a partner in her enterprise. Imran says I will skip my lunch with Surbhi; then Kareena, I must meet Aliya also. Aman says I do not worry, its alright, I know whom to send for this work. Roshni looks on. (Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 20 Feb 2020)

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