Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 18 March 2020

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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 18 March 2020

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 18 March 2020: Aman Saves Roshni

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 18 March 2020: The Episode begins with Parveen stating its a massive fantastic news. Aman says Roshni does not want to tell anyone at this time. Everyone shouts congratulations and toss a surprise to get Aman.

Aman and his family observe. Roshni says perhaps Aman has advised everyone. Aman asks them not to tell Roshni she is pregnant because she does not want to know about it.

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Phupi asks who’s pregnant. Parveen asks her to become silent for a while. Saima asks how we will remain silent. Chotu says Roshni has arrived. They v isit the Roshni rush and coming to eliminate the banner. Aman does the magical and excludes Roshni’s title. Roshni asks why is that this party is occurring, who’s the brand new mama. Phupi says Aman is now turning into a mama. Roshni asks the way.

Roshni thankfully wishes her. All of them start lying. Roshni says that I will look after you. Saima says that I will look after you. Salma yells and yells Roshni. Imran says she’s getting Nani. Aman says that he intends Saima can also enjoy her daughter.

Aman smiles and goes off. He sees the roofing shattering and falling within Roshni. He does the magical and saves her by stopping the roof slab in the atmosphere. Everyone becomes shocked.

Roshni cries. She says that I am fine. She asks everyone not to worry. She asks Saima not to get depressed. She says that I will give the planet’s most excellent surprise present. Aman asks precisely what. Roshni says I’ll prepare and come. Chotu invites Locha to awaken and speak to him.

She’s from this lamp and gets mad. She yells the fairy dust. She says I believed someone is attacking me. The fairy dust gets to the pool. Roshni is close to the lake. Roshni says its Saima’s an important day, how do I live in the room, I’ll head in Saima’s good sharia, after all, I have an opportunity to become a part of the happiness as long.

Roshni is pulled within the oceans. Aman jumps to the pool and saves her. He takes her into space. She says that the curse obtained after me. He thinks you ought to prevent the party. She asks why I’ve planned the very best surprise present for Saima.

He asks, ‘ are you sure. She says, its a curse, so it is going to accompany meI know my life is at risk, but I can not stop living, I do not want to be frightened, I want to spend the day happily with the family, together with all the folks I like the most. She smiles.

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Everyone else comes from the party. They view Roshni coming. The foreign automobile goes on the staircase to get beneath Roshni’s feet. Roshni and Aman grin, seeing each other. Roshni measures over the vehicle and falls down again. Everyone shouts Roshni… Aman does the magical and prevents her from falling.

He moves and grabs her in arms. Imran says exactly what an entrance Aman. Salma asks what is happening. Roshni says such small things continually occur with me. Everyone sees the dhol musicians and amateurs coming. They also dance thankfully. They get stunned. Salma yells Roshni…..

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