Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 24 March 2020

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Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 24 March 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 24 March 2020: Ahana Contacts Yuvraj

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 24 March 2020: The Episode Begins with Yuvraj thrown from This Bar. He says I’m Yuvraj Pillai, a quote. He reveals the card. The guards celebrate him up and ask him to depart. She receives Yuvraj’s card. She laughs and says when that clown comes from our household holi, then it’ll be fantastic entertainment.

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He wants her happy holi. She asks him to use the oil. Saransh says to use the oil into Rudraksh first. Rudraksh comes and says that I will not use the oil, I’ve allergies.

Saransh and Prisha request him to have it implemented. Saransh winks for her. Prisha employs the oil into Rudraksh’s hands. Pyaar ka yeh bandhan….plays… She uses oil into his hair and face too. She says to pay attention, do not utilize much shade, else you’ve got to use that water, save water… Rudraksh means your discussions and this particular oil, its crap. Saransh gets the colors and says we won’t waste water, conserve water.

He asserts with Prisha. Saransh asks them to get happy holi. They want so happy holi. Saransh asks what pleasure will we have. Prisha says we’ll play Lathmar holi. Rudraksh asks what that is. She says, allow me to prepare. Saransh says I’m lost Gopal and Vasu, inquire about playing holi with us.

Prisha says, alright, I’ll call them. Vasu says I’ve ordered the cash, and it is possible to take my Fds. Gopal thinks I must have taken a person with me to find the money, how did this person know about the money. She asks him to violate the Fds. She says everybody was saying you’ve stolen the cash; you’re a thief. Gopal thinks I shall go and watch them.

He says that you may sell my jewelry too. He receives Prisha’s telephone number. He says they do not tell Prisha relating to this theft. He replies, calls, and fantasies happy holi. Prisha says happy holi, and you can come here and want Saransh, he’s missing you.

He asks why you would wish to spoil their holi. Prisha says I’m likely Lathmar holi, come shortly, and it is going to be a good pleasure. Vasu asks how do people come. Yuvraj fixes his wounds. Ahana asks Mishka to present her mobile phone. Mishka asks why that are you calling. Ahana says its a fantastic plan, and I’m calling Yuvraj. Yuvraj answers the telephone.

Ahana alters her voice and speaks. She says that I want your legal guidance, are you going to choose 1 lakh, fine, and I’ll give it. He says, alright, sorry, my supervisor had come, and I remain busy; I’ll provide you the guidance, no situation. Ahana says covetous dude, and I understood he’ll come for 1 lakh.

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He says, messages the speech. Mishka asks what happened, did not you get anybody else for an occasion. Ahana says to quit it, and I’m calling Yuvraj for Prisha to mistreat her, she’ll be from Khurana house. Mishka asks would you believe he’ll come here. Ahana says I shall give him the speech of additional construction and call him he will come here and receive lovey-dovey with Prisha, watch and wait, what’s going to occur on holi.

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