Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 19 March 2020

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Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 19 March 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 19 March 2020: Saransh Gets Attacked

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 19 March 2020: The Episode begins with Prisha saying I’ve done this to your improvement, unwind, I do not want bad for you, this is the distinction between you and me, save your voice on your own, are you thanking me, you’re welcome. Rudraksh appears on and says meet my final wish, allow me to suffocate her, and I shall discuss her behalf.

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Balraj yells on Sharda. Prisha seems on. She thinks why is he lying had been with Natasha in the cafe, and he was not in the workplace. Ahana says we’re moving to some charity function. Mishka asks precisely what. Ahana stops her and says they’ve arranged a dinner, we need to be there, sorry, bye. They depart.

Balraj comes to his chamber. Sharda asks what exactly will you have. He says I’m not a child, and I will take care of myself, you’re my wife only for namesake, I wed you, so you take care of my kids, remain on your limits, do not attempt to become my wife, I wouldn’t say I like it. She yells and leaves.

Sharda goes to get food and yells. Prisha asks Sharda to depart the food and quit yelling. She says that you don’t need to drop feeble and punish yourself. A person is seen. Someone pushes Saransh and runs off. He yells. They ask what happened, how can your dropdown.

Saransh says aunty has forced me to run away that manner; I’m scared. Prisha consoles. Saransh screams. Prisha says he’s much harm, and I must take him into the hospital. Rudraksh says he’s cute, look at me, there’s some swelling.

Ahana and Mishka come and say what this play is. Ahana says I can not stand this crap. Niketan asks, did you come today. Ahana asks what occurred. Balraj asks Rudraksh to shoot Saransh into his room. Niketan provides aid and goes.

Sharda asks the slave to deliver ice for Saransh. Prisha says Saransh is considerable harm. Rudraksh says you do not scare the child. Sharda says that he is going to be OK, do not worry. Sharda goes. Prisha asks Saransh to sleep soundly. Saransh asks Rudra to come and allow him to sleep.

Rudraksh thinks I only have Saransh instead Rajeev, and I’ll give him much love, not allow him to miss you. Prisha sleeps. She wakes up after a while and sees Saransh. She thinks he’s sleeping with Rudraksh, why am I feeling jealous, Saransh is beautiful and happy, who left Saransh drop-down, whom did he find from red saree, Ahana and Mishka were not at home, Sharda was with me, even when that occurs again,

I must learn. Gopal says, what will I say about cash. He worries. Vasu asks what is happening, did anything occur to Prisha. He says I’m thinking of something different, why does this occur with us. He lies. She says that I was tensed.

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He thinks who understood I m going to find the cash. Yuvraj gets a telephone. He gets mad. He says Gopal insulted me. Personally, I got the money, I’ll use it you will lose your esteem. He laughs. Niketan comes and has breakfast for Saransh. He says dad can meet kid’s demands, Rudraksh is taking care of him.

She says Rudraksh is not his daddy. He says I understand, and I will visit Rudraksh’s love for Saransh; did you figure out who did so. Prisha says you do not understand, some woman in red saree. He says we need to be attentive, do not worry.

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