Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 18 March 2020

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Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 18 March 2020

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 18 March 2020: Prisha Teases Rudraksh

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 18 March 2020: The Episode begins with Vasu Yelling on Yuvraj. He says you believe I am a burglar, I hugged Prisha to steal the necklace, no, I hugged her to provide courage, you do not trust me, Rudraksh or Ahana did so to defraud us, nevertheless, it’s my error to move there, forgive me.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 18 March 2020: Gopal creates a face. He says it is possible to scold me or beat me, do not turn off, I dropped lonely that I wish to present my entire life, I could not commit suicide due to Saransh, you manage me and get me out of the melancholy, get me a lot work I get active, you’ve got connections and can help me, I don’t have any money. Gopal says you’ve got to shut all of the ways on your own.

Yuvraj says no, you’re not for me, and I can not ask Prisha for assistance. Gopal scolds him says that I am not your daddy, I am Prisha’s daddy, I will not keep any phrases with you. Yuvraj says I will not proceed.

Gopal thinks I will not recommend him for the task, and he’s an inexpensive guy, it’s great that Prisha did not marry him get lost. Yuvraj hears the guys speaking to Gopal. The guy offers ten lakhs cheque to Gopal for the construction repair work.
Prisha says Rudra is not able to speak.

Balraj says people adore you because your voice, you’re a rock star, you lost your voice. Niketan comes. Balraj says Rudra dropped his view, there’s absolutely no one to speak on his or her behalf. Prisha says I will talk, like a narrator, I know his gestures. Balraj asks precisely what.

Niketan says she’s similar to an interpreter, do you wish to maintain the meeting or not, we still do not have some options, therefore its completed, Prisha will manage it. Balraj thinks I can not deny to Niketan. He says amazing, and you’re a genius Niketan.

He asks Prisha to create Rudra’s picture powerfully and never ruin the meeting. He belongs. Prisha sees with Rudra and says that I am your spouse, I will do so, I will not allow your picture spoil, you hope me. Rudraksh thinks she’ll take revenge. She belongs.

Gopal says that I have the money, I’ll reach in a particular moment, send the builder. Gopal shouts. He says, what will I reply to the society individuals, that took the cash. Yuvraj smiles. He thinks I’ll go home with ten lakhs, and Gopal will be defeated.

Rudraksh and Prisha fulfill the journalist. Prisha says he’s a bad throat, so he can not answer, I’ll answer you on his behalf. He thinks she will destroy the interview. Prisha says I’ll ruin the meeting. Rudra signals to halt the conversation. Prisha says he’s requesting to rush.

The lady asks him is his life after marriage. Rudra thinks to tell them that my entire life turned to hell. Prisha says his lifetime turned into high. She wants herself. The lady asks him to inform something intimate that he did to his wife. Prisha says that he will do everything to make me feel unique.

She strikes him. He prevents her from speaking. Prisha says Rudra was at the junkyard all evening. Rudraksha thinks I won’t leave you. Prisha says that my ring has been missing, a person told me to discover it from the crap, he eventually found the ring at the junkyard. He thinks to remain in limits.

The lady says sweet of you, and it’s so intimate, so Rudra is now a family man, can he devote time to overseas shows or never. Prisha says that he means nothing will alter professionally. He thinks she replied, right. Prisha says there’ll be one shift, and he explained he would donate 20 percent of his or her earnings.

Prisha asks what occurred, 40 percent, fine, Rudraksha will start an NGO for children, he’ll instruct them singing and sing to them. The lady says it’s a noble idea; indeed, the union has transformed you, your spouse has changed you, she had been detained for Rajeev’s murder, and she’s with you.

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Rudraksha thinks I’ll take revenge. Prisha says that he believes that I am innocent; he enjoys Saransh a great deal. The lady says Rudra adores kids a great deal, thank you for the time, God bless you.

Rudra takes Prisha together with his shouts, why did you mention that. She reveals a fan mail. She says that a child has cancer, he would like to sing a tune with you. I’ve read it. (Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 18 March 2020)

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