Vidya Written Update 30 March 2020

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Vidya Written Update 30 March 2020

Vidya Written Update 30 March 2020: Avtaar Proposes Mahek

Vidya Written Update 30 March 2020: The Episode begins with Maa requesting Avtaar to fail Mahek’s error when he loves her. She says look at Vivek and Vidya, they’ve always remained together consistently, apologize and go to Mahek, I enjoy her a lot, she’ll grow to be the home’s Bahu, convince her, and remain blessed. Avtaar takes her goes and blessings. Bablu asks what about me. Dharma says that your mum has shifted her son, today Avtaar is her son.

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The man laughs and says it’s his own excellent, you depart DM’s job and start a playing company. He asks his men to kill them and then toss them in the jungle. The girl becomes scared. Avtaar arrives to fulfill Mahek. Dharma and Bablu come together. Avtaar is dressed in a lawsuit. Dharma believes Avtaar has jeopardized us to perform this. Avtaar asks them to telephone Mahek. Mahek asks who’s arrived. She sees Avtaar using a rose. She has stunned.

The man says I won’t increase hands-on DM, ” I need this madam to slap him. She thinks I’ll offer my entire life, but maybe not hit him. Vidya asks that the girl not worry they won’t do anything. The goon says we will not do anything in case this madam slaps the DM.

Vidya says no, you’re my spouse, and I can not hit you, its a sin. He says that a girl’s life is at risk, slap me. She speaks and yells. He says you get stubborn, and you need to have given this girl to them, our own lives are at risk for you, you are not knowing. He signals Vidya and asks her to reply. She says I can not do so, and the goon will kill the girl, I can not find this. They assert. The goons appear perplexed. She yells and feels awful. The man cried. Vivek signals Vidya.

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Bablu plays a tune. .plays… Bablu and Dharma are also dancing. She laughs. Avtaar says, I truly love you a whole lot, I get a grin on seeing you and also get depressed when I do not see you. She says that is fine, but this joker look. He says I’m prepared to become your slave to your joy, but I can not live without you, it’s complete and final. He crushes the blossom.
The man asks Vivek to port his frustration out too. Vivek says you’re correct. He compels Vidya. She slaps the man and chooses the gun. Vivek gets the gun away from her.

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