Vidya Written Update 27th March 2020

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Vidya Written Update 27th March 2020

Vidya Written Update 27th March 2020: Avtaar Rejects Mahek’s Love

Vidya Written Update 27th March 2020: She says that they were discovering me and that I got concealed in the vehicle. Vidya says that the folks do wrong to market fake medications. Vivek says that I won’t leave those guys, I’ll expose their racket, so nobody is going to be spared. The goons return and capture Vivek and Vidya at rifle point. The girl becomes scared.

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Mahek says you’re in love with me and that I was not accepting your love. Avtaar recalls. Mahek says when I know that your passion, you do not wish to see, I am seeking to receive friendly and finish the misunderstanding.

Avtaar says to quit it, and lets finish this issue. He says that I made an error to love a person who can not be mine. Dharma says Bablu, and we ought to leave today. Bablu says I want to have fun by watching this play. Maa asks Avtaar to hear Mahek.

She informs Avtaar about his love proposition. Avtaar says we are not a fantastic game, we’re opposites, our manners will remain different. Mahek yells and says thanks for describing this for me. She recalls her minutes with Avtaar. She yells. Mahek goes. Dharma asks Avtaar why did he deny Mahek, and she had been such a wonderful girl, why did he ever struggle. Bablu says Avtaar is designed for wrestling and politics, not to love.

Maa asks Avtaar why is he act ing this way, how does he hurt a girl. Avtaar says it’s not only about the area bitterness, but the pain in mind, I fell in love with somebody for the very first time. I could not explain her passion, she did not see my possessions, once I risked my life and spared her, and then she fell in love, it’s never loving, but shame, she wishes to return the favour.

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Maa says love is such, somebody’s goodness wins the centre, girls are psychological, ” she feels safe with you. The goon says that the girl told the facts about them, we must do something of her today. Vivek says to stay away from this girl. The man says we’re no offender; we would like to conduct business. Vidya says that this girl has turned into a medium for its destruction. Vivek says you understand me, and I am DM Azamgarh. The guy becomes stunned.

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