The Kapil Sharma Show Sony liv 5 March

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The Kapil Sharma Show Sony liv 5 March

The Kapil Sharma Show Sony liv 5 March: Kapil asked the team of ‘Ramayan’ how he used to itch in God’s clothes, Ram gave a satisfying answer

The Kapil Sharma Show Sony liv 5 March: This week, the Kapil Sharma Show will feature one of the biggest hits in Indian TV history, the Ramayana team. While having fun with them, Kapil Sharma would say that when you people itch…

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The Kapil Sharma Show Sony liv 5 March:’The Kapil Sharma’ show will feature actors from Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana this week. The show stars actors Arun Govil, Deepika Chikhaliya, Sunil Lahiri and Prem Sagar, who play Ram, Sita and Laxman.

All these will reach here on the occasion of the completion of 33 years of Ramayana. During this, Kapil asked in his familiar style that ‘how did you people itch in the heavy costumes of God, never did your heart wish to erase it from the arrow.’

On this, Ram Arun Govil of Ramayana gave a satisfying answer and said that ‘You had to do what you are saying, sometimes it would start to itch after seeing those heavy casts.’ All the people sitting there laughed fiercely. At the same time, in the upcoming episode, Sumona will play the entry as Apsara.

But Kapil Sharma will once again make fun of him. In the show, as soon as Sumona will come wearing a yellow apsara dress, Kapil will say – “I am going, then everyone will say why, then Kapil will say this fire, what is my job.” After this, Kapil will say- “And this, you have become a yellow yolk of an egg.”

The upcoming episode of The Kapil Sharma Show is going to be quite a blast. Where Kapil Dara Singh was also mentioned. In Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana, Dara Singh played the role of ‘Hanuman Ji’. Kapil says- “When Daraji used to play Hanuman Ji, after this Arun spoke -” Someone told me, Hanuman Ji was Punjabi. ”

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Kapil will be seen having a lot of fun together with the actors of Ramayana. During this time, Kapil will ask Ramayana’s ‘Sita’ Deepika – “Ma’am, when you go out, people will come to you to say hello” And he used to fall on his feet.” Kapil would ask the cast members of Ramayana in an audacious manner in the show that -“When these people went out, people also started performing their aarti. Sometimes it will come to mind that your God is

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