The Kapil Sharma Show Sony Liv 21 April 2020

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The Kapil Sharma Show Sony Liv 21 April 2020

The Kapil Sharma Show Sony Liv 21 April 2020: Kapil was flirting with Katrina Kaif in front of Salman Khan, Bhaijaan did such class

The Kapil Sharma Show Sony Liv 21 April 2020: Kapil Sharma is Kapil’s flirting normally from female celebrities appearing on the show. But once the flirting from Katrina came with Salman, Kapil was overwhelmed when Bhaijaan made Kapil …

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The Kapil Sharma Show Sony Liv: The stars of Comedy King Kapil Sharma’s show keep on coming. Every week Kapil brings very amazing and fresh episodes with new celebrities. Currently, lockdown is going on across the country due to Coronavirus, due to which the shooting of any film or show has been banned.

In this way, the best episodes of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ are being shown on TV. The film India was released on Eid last year and Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif arrived on Kapil’s show to promote the film.

During this, Kapil was seen trying to flirt with Katrina in his funny style. But Kapil did not dare to do this in front of Bhaijaan, and Kapil confessed this, saying that Katrina, I want to tell you a lot. But Salman is scared of Bhai. On this, Katrina spoke to Tabak that no matter what you have to say, do not be afraid of Salman. After this, Kapil looked at Salman’s eyes and sat quietly.

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After this, Kapil was seen saying funnily, No I can not take the risk, if one, Salman Khan, the producer of the other show, he got angry then what would happen to us. Hearing this, all the people sitting there laughed hoarsely. During this, Salman was seen pulling Katrina’s leg.

Salman says to Kat that we are all waiting for you for so long that you will dance and you came like this. In response to this, Katrina says I danced before you came.

During this, Salman recalled his first meeting with Katrina, saying, I remember when my sister asked to meet Katrina. At that time, she used to eat fast food a lot and used to eat a double burger in an aerobics class with me. Archana Puran Singh could not stop her laughter after seeing Salman pulling legs like Katrina.

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