Surprise Jana Na Dil Se Door Revisited – Today on Starplus

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Surprise Jana Na Dil Se Door Revisited

Surprise Jana Na Dil Se Door Revisited – Today on Starplus

Surprise Jana Na Dil Se Door Revisited: She’s happy that her daddy is proud that she’s his daughter. Atharv Sujata wins the gold trophy in his school.

Atharv gets a fantastic prospect. He does not wish to join a trusted business. He makes sure his mum’s worth is commended.

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He does not feel the need because of his dad’s name. Atharv returns to his mum’s place. Vividha makes prayers for loved ones. She’s across Atharv.

Just a small glimpse of each other makes them interested. Vividha enlightens everyone’s disposition from the Jagrata. Vividha finds a new problem around, once the kheer gets exhausted. She attempts to handle the issue before Kailash understands about it. She wants to maintain her daddy’s respect. She goes to purchase some milk in Sujata’s dairy.

She’s across Atharv once more, who reaches house at precisely the same period when a cow is in labor. Vividha does not believe he will help. She wants to phone Sujata. He informs her that he’ll handle it. She faints him down, sends the calf.
Vividha gets impressed by Atharv because of his side.

She presents her anklet into the calf, leaving him amazed. She wants to purchase the accessible milk to produce kheer to get the Jagran ceremony. Atharv won’t sell the milk. She subsequently boasts of her household standing. He saves her from getting struck by the mad cow. Sujata is very happy to see her son back again. She sees about Vividha. Kailash is angry with Guddu too.

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Vividha frees his rage like always. Vividha gets amazed to learn about Atharv supplying the milk to get kheer. He informs that Atharv has maintained Kailash’s pride, so he did not even charge money for the milk. Vividha proceeds to pay the cash to Atharv. He does not take the money. Vividha finds his character sweet concealed behind stern behavior. Kailash wishes to get Vividha wed in a wealthy house, while Vividha drops for Atharv.

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