Shimla Mirchi Movie Review – Unhappy Love Story

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Shimla Mirchi Movie Review – Rajkummar Rao, Hema Malini

Shimla Mirchi Movie Review – Rajkumar Rao – Hema Malini’s Unhappy Love Story

In a scene from director Ramesh Sippy’s Shimla Mirchi, Rukmini (Hema Malini) tells her daughter Naina (Rakul Preet Singh) – stay relaxed, don’t be so excited. Similarly, there is nothing like being excited in the story of the film.

For those who don’t know, Shimla Mirchi is a love triangle – Rajkumar Rao – between Hema Malini and Rakul Preet Singh. The film remained in cans for five years before its release. But even in these five years, has this capsicum cooked. Learn in our film review.

What’s good – some scenes in the film are good and seeing them will make you laugh.

What is bad – the story of the film is cold and falls flat which even the good actors cannot handle.

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Avinash i.e. Avi (Rajkumar Rao) has always been raw in terms of telling his heart to girls. He goes to Shimla with his family on a family trip where he falls in love with Chubbuli and Bindas Naina (Rakul Preet Singh) at first glance. Avi moves to Naina’s cafe to get closer to her.

Hema Malini’s entry

Things are going well and Avi writes a letter to Naina but does not write her name. But she reaches the letter with Naina’s mother Rukmini (Hema Malini) who still wants to come out of her memories of being separated from her husband (Kanwaljit Singh).

Khichdi starts

Considering Avinash’s love for himself, Rukmini forgets the things behind and takes the life forward with Avinash. Now after this, how will this Confusion bring the entire film from here to there? It brings two to four moments of laughter in the film.

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Ramesh Sippy, who made films like Sholay, Sita, and Geeta, would not have expected any such loose film. The story of Shimla Mirchi has no merit and the screenplay is patchy. Ramesh Sippy returns to directing after 25 years and his art looks lost. Seeing some scenes of the film, you will find yourself forced to leave the theater.


Even strong actors like Rajkumar Rao have not been able to make a living in this loose film. Rather, he tries to awaken Shah Rukh Khan inside him, which makes the film more aural. Very few people would expect over-acting from actresses like Hema Malini. But that hope will be fulfilled in this film. Rakul Preet Singh is the only one to watch in the entire film, although she also tries a lot.

Associate artist

Shakti Kapoor and Kanwaljit Singh in supporting roles have nothing in the film.

Technical aspect

The beauty of Shimla is also not visible from the camera of Harmeet Singh. The background music of the film leaves no impact. Editing by Vijay Venkataraman is also crude.


When a song like Ishq Di Feeling plays at the beginning of the film, it can be forgotten after the first scene. Mirchi Shimla Di will not drag you to the dance floor. The songs only increase the time of the film.

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Ishq the feeling is new, a song lyrics. But there is nothing new in this film of Rajkumar Rao – Hema Malini – Rakul Preet Singh. You will only understand that there is nothing like watching in the film when only Dharmendra’s cameo in the entire film will be worth remembering. We will give 2 stars out of 5 to Shimla Mirchi.

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