Shaktiman Episode 10 April 2020 LIVE Updates

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Shaktiman Episode 10 April 2020 LIVE Updates

Shaktiman Episode 10 April 2020 LIVE Updates: Tamraj Kilwish, who was thirsty for Shaktimaan’s blood, said- ‘To maintain the darkness…’

Shaktiman Episode 10 April 2020 LIVE Updates: Tamraj Kilvish, who is thirsty for Shaktimaan’s blood, has declared war against the truth. Shaktimaan is the biggest enemy of darkness, so Tamraj Kilwish …

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Shaktiman Episode 10 April 2020 LIVE Updates: Mukesh Khanna’s popular serial Shaktiman has returned to Doordarshan once again. People imprisoned in homes due to the lockdown have started seeing Shaktimaan on Doordarshan once again regularly.

Many people are watching this show who are remembering their childhood. At the moment, Tamraj Kilwish is badly scared of Shaktimaan in the show. Shaktimaan’s fear has come to dominate him so much that he has announced that whoever kills Shaktimaan will be given the place of Kakodar.

Shaktimaan will try to be represented by the darkness, but his hands are going to be disappointed. On the other hand, the little friend of Shaktimaan is in possession of Appu Khali-Bali. Appu has heard all the things about Tamraj Kilwish, in that case, that too can become a significant danger for Tamraj. At the same time, Shaktimaan will go to the place where the secret of darkness, not light, runs. Now it will be interesting to see if Shaktimaan can save Appu or not.

Shaktimaan will be the first attack on darkness.

Shaktimaan will make the first attack on the darkness and will get his friend Appu safe from the clutches of the well. During this, Appu will be seen discussing Shaktimaan with Tamraj Kilwish, while Shaktimaan will be shocked to hear Appu’s question.

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The representative of Tamraj Kilwish to kill Thani Shaktimaan

Tamaraj has fully agreed to defeat the truth of Kilwish. In such a situation, Shaktimaan is going to face many people who are behind his life. Shaktimaan will go to his Guru’s refuge to face him and seek his guidance.

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