Ramayan Written Update 5 April 2020

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Ramayan Written Update 5 April 2020

Ramayan Written Update 5 April 2020: Prabhu Ram cremated Jatayu with tears in his eyes.

Ramayan Episode 5 April 2020, Updates: Mangal Bhavan lost its face… Today everyone is praying to God to take away the corona virus like the Amangal. Elders used to say that seeing Ramayana brings peace to the mind and when every heart is distressed by the devastation of this deadly virus, in such a situation, the re-broadcast of Ramayana on Doordarshan not only distracts people but also frees them…

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To bring the society on the right path, ‘Lord Shri Ram’ has once again come on Doordarshan. Everyone is locked in their homes in the ongoing lockdown in the country. Meanwhile, children are excited to watch Ramayana’s pre-telecast from children to elders.

Last night’s episode of the serial showed that Shurpanakha goes to the King Naresh Ravana after his disrespect from Ram and Laxman and the death of his brother Khar-Dushan. She praises Sita very much in front of Ravana and says that “You have all the gems of the universe, Sita is like a gem in women.”

Burning in the fire of revenge, Shurpanakha further says that – when I went to ask her for you, this evil Rama and Lakshmana did bad luck with me, and Lakshman got angry and cut my nose. I told both of them that I am the sister of Lankadhipati Ravana, on which both of them challenged you and said that we are not afraid of anyone. Please go and take Sita by force or fraud because Rama’s life resides in his Sita.

Enraged by this pathetic condition of his sister, Ravana decides to take Sita out of deceit despite his brother Vibhishan and wife Mandodari refusing to approach Marich. Ravana requests Maricha to take the form of a beautiful deer from her illusion and go in front of Sita. When Sita sees him, he will surely be attracted and stubbornly seek Rama from him.

As soon as Rama leaves them alone, Ravana disguises and kidnaps Sita. Initially, Maricha did not agree and suggested Ravana give up his stubbornness. But in the end, he decided to sabotage with the arrows of Ram Ji and go to heaven. Chita Sita did in Mrig Trishna what Ravana thought. As soon as Sita crossed the Lakshman Rekha made by Lakshman, the evil Ravana picked up Sita and proceeded towards Lanka. Let’s know what will be special in today’s episode-

The end of the Ramayana Haryana scandal

The Haryana episode of Ramayana ended with this episode. Maharishi Agastya Muni became the last Guru of Rama because, after this, Shri Rama only got devotees like Shabri, Hanuman, Sugriva. This incident is full of awe and devotion.

Shabari helped Shri Ram

Guru Matang sent a message to Ram through Shabari that he would happily return to Ayodhya with Sita. After this, Shabari told Ram Ji the way to reach Sugriva and also gave information about Hanuman, the supreme devotee of Rama. With this, Shabari said Ram Ji that an essential work of Sugriva would be done by his hands.

Rama prayed to Shabari that if possible, take him to the place where Guru Matang meditated. After reaching there, Shabari sought knowledge of devotion from Rama. After this, Rama told the knowledge Shabri received from his gurus. Shabari calls Rama to be asked to go to his hut, calling him Deen Dayal.

Rasta dekhat shabari age is gone …

Guru Matang had told Shabari that Rama would definitely see you. Shabari is laying flowers on the way in view of Ram’s expectation, tasting the fruit, decorating the plate for Rama, and begging other sages not to climb flowers. On seeing Rama in front of him, Shabri’s heart was filled with happiness, and teardrops started flowing from his eyes.

Shabari was showering flowers while carrying Rama to her hut. As soon as Shabri wants to wash his feet, Rama refuses, saying that his tears washed away his feet. After this, Lord Shri Ram ate the sweet fruits of Shabri, which Laxman, too, was surprised. Ram told Shabari that after many years it felt as if mother Kaushalya was feeding him. Shabari told Rama that in this forest of Guru Matang, all creatures leave the path of violence.

Laxman prepared a pyre by digging the pit

According to the demon Kaman, after the cremation, he appeared in Gandharva form. According to his divine knowledge, he told that King Sugriva of the vast monkey army would help him in searching Sita Ji. With his religious experience, he told that in the end, victory would be that of Rama. Apart from this, Gandharva also told Rama and Lakshmana about Shabari, how she worships him day and night as a god.

Ram gets Sita’s thrown bangles …

Rama and Lakshman were going in the south direction, searching for Sita, and they found Sita’s bangles there, which showed them that they were going in the right direction. As he proceeded, he was confronted by a Kamaan demon, Laxman immediately cut off his arms.

As soon as Rama-Lakshman reached him, the demon said that both of you heroes are either Ram and Lakshman. On this, Lakshman asked that if you are a demon then how do you know us, on this, the demon told that according to the curse of Rishi Mudhashira, just when Sri Rama and Lakshman put into the fire, only then they will be able to come back to their Gandharva form and join Ravana.

I will be able to give important information. Regarding his curse, the sage cursed him that despite having a beautiful body, now your body will become like a monster.

Ravan reprimands wife Mandodari

Mandodari requested Ravana and said that kindly, he should leave Sita back to Rama, in this all is well. But in his ego, Chura Ravan said that once the brave men step towards any task, they do not back down. Rejecting Mandodari, he said that such cowardice does not suit Ravana’s wife and Meghnath’s mother.

Mandodari presented Sita with new clothes

Rani Mandodari asked her servant to offer new clothes on behalf of Sita while giving special honour to the guest. He asked Sita to tell him if he needed anything. Sita returned the meeting with the servant and said that she does not want to harm Mandodari, so persuade Ravana and leave him to Rama. Failure to do so would result in disastrous consequences.

Sita gave mother status to demonic conqueror

The demonic conqueror tied Sita up and said that she would arrange Satvik food for her from Neetavan Vibhishan. The demon called Sita a daughter and said that she has no child, and she was blessed to have a daughter like Sita. Mother Janaki also called the winner as a mother.

Ravana was cursed

Lord Neil Kubera cursed Ravana that if he tried to gain any woman by force, then Ravana’s head would be cut into seven pieces. For this reason, Ravana wanted Sita to go to him with her happiness. The demons present in Ashoka Vatika started trying to convince Sita by intimidating them.

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Then the demonic conqueror reached there and, impressed by Sita, and she started requesting him to have food. The demoness told mother Sita that if she is not right for herself, she will have to survive for her husband, Ram.

Sita sitting in Ashok Vatika waiting for Ram

Ravana reached Ashoka Vatika and began to show his power in front of Sita. Sita was furious at this and said that till today you have only defeated the gods, but this time you have encountered a loving woman. Showing the fascination of wealth, power, and wealth, Ravana asked Sita to become his mistress, on which Sita started saying that Ram is as fast and mighty as Singh. As soon as Ravana wanted to use force on Sita, Sita took a straw and said that if you cross it, you will be consumed.

Ram finds his stepson

Rama wandering in the forest in search of Sita, looked at Jatayu lying in an injured state. Jatayu tells Rama that Ravana has taken Sita in the south direction. Rama requested Jatayu if he met King Dasharatha in the other world, then do not tell him this story of Sita’s abduction. At the same time, Rama promised him that he would avenge his position with Ravana. When the elderly Jatayu died, Rama cremated him with complete law.

April 5 at 9:00 am Episode

At the beginning of the episode, Rama and Lakshman are wandering different places in the forest in search of Sita. The apprehension of Virah is evident in the face of Ram Ji. With folded hands in front of the trees, Shri Ram is asking for the address of Sita.

As soon as the arrow sounded, the elusive deer started calling Laxman and Sita

Following the wishes of Mother Janaki, Shri Ram followed the golden deer. Taking the form of a deer, Marich was told by Ravana to take Rama as far as possible. After a lot of running, when Ram targeted his antelope with his arrows, Maricha began to take the names of Sita and Lakshmana in an injured state to make them feel that Shri Ram was in trouble.


According to Vibhishan, the idea of ​​abducting a woman on one using deceit and fraud does not suit a king. Vibhishan was familiar with Shri Rama’s might, and he did not want the destruction of Ravana in his ego. Vibhishan and Ravana’s wife tried their best to stop him, but Ravana stood firm on his decision to avenge Shurpanakha’s insults and seek Sita.

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