Ramayan Written Update 4 April 2020

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Ramayan Written Update 4 April 2020

Ramayan Written Update 4 April 2020: Janaki in the love of deer, Ram-Laxman caught in Ravana’s conspiracy, Sita Haran

Ramayan Written Update 4 April 2020: Prabhu Shriram, who came to see Trikaldarshi sage Agastya, told his Anuj Lakshman and Mother Sita, the astonishing tales of the sage…

Ramayan Episode April 4, 2020, Updates: Amidst the ongoing lockdown period in the country, the telecast of the Ramayana has started on Doordarshan on March 28 in public demand for all the countrymen and especially the virtual lovers.

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Recently, the CEO of Prasar Bharati tweeted that Ramayana had broken the old TRP records. Meanwhile, the story of Ramayana is also moving forward very fast. Lord Ram of the people wandered in the forest and wandering and confronting all the Asuras, the sage has come to the ashram of Augusta.

At the same time, Rishi moving towards Augusta’s shelter, Goddess Sita asks Prabhu how this glow is outside the sage’s ashram. On this, Shriram tells him that Rishi Agastya is a very big stage, and he has the same power as Lord Shiva, so it is faster than Om’s pronunciation by his penance. After this, Lord Sri Ram narrates some stories of Tejasya Rishi’s Tej to Lakshmana and Mother Sita.

On April 3, at 9 pm, it was shown that the whole of Ayodhya arrives in Chitrakoot to celebrate Shri Ramchandra. King Janak also comes to the forest to see his daughter Sita. Here, Bharat constantly urges Shri Ram to go back to Ayodhya. But Shriram keeping his religion in mind; he remains adamant about fulfilling his father’s word.

Lakshman drew Lakshman Rekha for Sita… Ravana’s deceit will come out

Sita got busy with her work as soon as Rama left. Here Laxman is getting distraught. That is when the voice of Shri Rama comes from far away, and Lakshman gets upset. They hear the voice, Hi Lakshman. Sita is shocked to hear this. At the same time, Ram Ji also keeps seeing that the deer suddenly became a demon and is taking the name of Sita-Laxman.

Sita says go Lakshman your brother is calling. Laxman says that nothing can happen to their brother. Sita does not believe, and Lakshmana has to go to Rama. Going to Shri Ram, Lakshmana says that he is drawing a line and do not cross Sita.

Rama arrived to take the antelope at the behest of Sita

Shriram also likes deer. He orders Lakshmana to go and bring the deer. Laxman says that brother, I feel something strange. Lakshmana says that he is finding something troublesome. It gives me some demonic illusion. Sita Mata only means that you cannot fulfill such a wish of mine. Laxman does not believe that in such a situation, Rama says that I go. Laxman continually says that he is feeling some deceit.

Goddess Sita shows divine deer

Divine deer showing Sita Maa While sowing flowers in the forest, Mother Sita saw divine deer. She goes near to catch the deer when the deer disappears. Sita Mata is very happy to see the deer. She calls Swami Rama and Laxman and praises the deer a lot. Ram Ji also likes that very much. Mother Sita says to Shriram that she needs that antelope. She will take him to Ayodhya.

Now, what will be Ravana’s next move to defeat Ram-Lakhan?

When Ravana is informed about this, he fires up with anger. Ravana is very angry with Shurpanakha’s nose cut. What will happen next? In the evening episode, we will know what will be Ravana’s next move to defeat Ram-Lakhan.

Sriram kills demons with Mohini weapon

With the help of Mohini weapon, Shri Ram killed the demons: Maharishi Agastya reminded Shri Rama that these demons would cheat. ‘In such a way, you remove the siren weapon.’ As soon as Ram arrives, all the demons start fighting among themselves.

Ravana made the next move, sent and demons

When Ravana learns about this, he sends Ravana and the demons. Shriram sees them from a distance. Shriram says to Lakshmana that you take care of Sita, I come by destroying the demons. Ravana’s demon says that Lankesh has called him to himself, you have to walk. In such a situation, Shriram says that if you want to save your life, then go back.

14 demons gone to kill Ram

Shriram realizes that Shurpanakha will not sit silent. In such a situation, this happened. Ravana, along with Shurpanakha, sent some demons so that he would eliminate Rama Lakshmana. The demons tell him that he will take Sundari Sita with him and present it to Lankesh. Laxman gets angry, and Shriram removes the trunk and head of 14 demons from one arrow.

Ravan furious after seeing sister’s cut nose

Shurpanakha’s nose bitten by Laxman: Shurpanakha sets fire to Lanka, Shurpanakha tells all to brother Ravana, she hides her mistake and says that Rama Laxman cut off her nose. Ravana flares upon hearing this.

Laxman cut off the nose of Shurpanakha…

Laxman says that I am the servant of Shri Ram Chandra Ji, in such a situation, will you remain a maid. Shurpanakha says to Lakshmana and Rama that you have so much courage that you have rejected my proposal. In such a situation, Shurpanakha says that you are rejecting me for a Shudra woman? I will eat it. That’s when Laxman cuts off the nose of Shurpanakha.

Shurpanakha, trying to woo Lakshman and Ram

Princess Shurpanakha, trying to seduce Lakshman and Rama: Shurpanakha introduces herself that I am Lankesh’s sister. She asks Shriram to enter him. Shriram states that he is the son of King Dasharatha – Sri Ram. In such a situation, Shurpanakha also sees Laxman and seeing both brothers, and she says that she wants to marry him. When she learns that Shriram is married, she follows Laxman.

Laxman asks Shri Ram…

Laxman asks Shri Ram… Lord, will Bharat Bhaiyya forgive us? We have sinned. So Shri Ram says why not he is very big-hearted.

Anuj Laxman asked questions to Shriram…

Laxman says that he has an inferiority complex. He says, ‘Brother, why am I not like you, why is my fierce nature’ Why does my blood boil? Shri Ram says you are tough from outside but soft from inside. Forgetting omissions and wandering in confusion, humans become like this.

Shri Rama Maharishi had reached the ashram of Agastya, where he got the ultimate knowledge.

Earlier, Shri Ram Maharishi reached the ashram of Agastya, where he got the ultimate knowledge.

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Maharishi reached the ashram of Agastya Shriram: Shriram says that he once drank the water of the seven seas in his Anjuli because the demons and demons were printed inside the sea. He used to come out and harass people and then hide. When the Gods prayed to Maharishi, they did this work. When the seawater dried, the demons were also cleansed.

One year left for Shri Ram’s return to Ayodhya…

Thirteen years have passed since Shriram’s exile. At the same time, mother Kaushalya had a dream that Shri Ram Chandra came back to Ayodhya. Sumitra persuades him that Didi is still a year old. Be patient this year will also pass.

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