Patiala Babes Written Update 4 March 2020

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Patiala Babes Written Update 4 March 2020

Patiala Babes Written Update 4 March 2020: Minnie’s New Campaign

Patiala Babes Written Update 4 March 2020: Kammo walks into NB’s home and cries. Kammo informs that Minnie refused her financial help and clarifies the entire story. Minnie finds their conversation standing within her balcony. Kammo says she attracted 20000 rs within an envelope and asks NB and Biji to convince Minnie to take it knows Minnie will get money, but she needs to help Kammo by the hub.

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Kammo calls NB and asks to maintain the telephone on. Kammo begins her story describing she had been a lively young woman who was able to ride a bike wearing chunri along with her mother always utilized to instruct her subject, one day her cycle series slipped, a 50+ man stopped her. He asked when he needs to mend her series.

She ran away out there, and every day he had been pestering her when she whined her mother, mother blamed her instead, one afternoon he succeeded in touching her she felt ashamed of herself and also to escape her sorrows, she began befriending boys and tried to flee with a boyfriend, entire Karnal city came to learn about it, and nobody else was prepared to wed her father paid a massive dowry into Khatri and obtained her married to him she understands how incorrect Khatri is and wishes to reduce her remorse by helping Minnie. Minnie indicates NB to take her help. NB does precisely the same. Kammo thanks.

In the day, Minnie walks into Neil while he’s busy reading books. She sits next to him, describes Kammo’s story, and what she believed she says she picked Neil because her soul mate and also loves his or her silence. He receives a message. He says that the friend, something private. She says she’s jealous. He nervously walks off.

The morning after, Bobby advises Minnie that pupil’s parents do not wish to encourage them, fearing their kids are also cornered. Neil says that their fear is legitimate and asks what people will do today.

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Minnie says they’ll begin a campaign and spread consciousness, parents may return then as kids would have been abused in 1 way or another, and they want closure by pouring out their heart, so they ought to listen to them and help them cure their emotional wounds. Bobby says Arya’s school pupils’ parents may concur, Minnie says Neha’s mother must first. They begin effort hashtag chuppi no longer, no more extended silence, etc..

The husband asks who’s calling her this moment. She has tensed hearing that. In the morning and she hears voice messages when the husband snatches earphones out of her, and listening into the dialogue scolds her.

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