Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Written Update 26 March 2020

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Written Update 26 March 2020

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Written Update 26 March 2020: Kabir And Nia Have An Emotional Talk

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan Written Update 26 March 2020: The Episode Begins with Kabir coming with Shri and Kajal and greets Amber and Guneet. Nia comes and asks, what’s all this? Guneet asks all to take a seat says she will deliver something for them. Kajal comes sits and there. She informs that uncle Ji and Guneet Ji have proposed our gang.

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Kabir appears at Nia. Guneet brings beverages and provides to them. Shri and Nia when she’s still angry. Nia says no and tells it is past, and I do not need to go over about that. Shri says cheers for all those who organized this reunion. Amber tells everyone they all shall finish their differences and solve everything before they depart out of here.

He says friendship and works afterward. Amber retains Guneet’s hands as she keeps her hands on Kajal’s shoulder and also reminisces everything. Then he chooses selfie on his phone. Guneet says, let everybody come to get dinner. Following the supper, Kajal recollects a previous episode.

Shri acts as Amber and informs that he’d advised Nia to steer clear of them. Does Swara ask who’s fearful of uncle? Shri says Kabir says sorry. Kabir says I don’t have any other alternative. Kabir goes making an explanation to acquire water. Nia comes to her chamber and recalls her dialog with Kabir when she abandoned occupation.

Nia recalls customers telling that she arrived with a broad strategy, which he does not give work to any body he does not understand. Nia asks did you do so intentionally and asks why you assisted me, I do not need your aid. Kabir says I did not help you that afternoon, and if he asked my brother, I proposed my brother in your startup.

He says if I’d understood that you’d responded this way, I would not have indicated your company. Nia says I’ve rejected the job. He says you’ve become habitual to become a psychological victim. Nia asks, why did you encounter? Kabir says uncle invited me threatened me to come here.

Nia asks him not to be fearful of his dangers and does not conduct friendship for him. She says that I shall manage without you, and I understand you’ll also manage together with me. Nia asks him to proceed. Swara comes there and asks when they had been battling.

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Swara says Nia is the old buddy, but I’m your most former friend. She asks if they’re fighting due to her choice. Swara says I expect you get together like old buddies. She belongs. Does Shri ask Amber who left that this Gulab jamun? Guneet says helper helped me a lot. Kajal yells Amber, stating you’re blushing much. Amber scolds her.

Kabir asks Nia to speak to him and says why you’re just significant? Nia says I do not believe this; let’s go outside and pretend. Kabir says I’m not faking, this is true, our friendship is real. Nia says it’s looking true for you. She says you have believed I will be pleased to take your benefit and receiving your aid. He asks how you can think I will violate our friendship and permit you to go. Nia seems on.

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