Mere Dad ki Dulhan Upcoming Twist 31 March 2020

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Mere Dad ki Dulhan Upcoming Twist 31 March 2020

Mere Dad ki Dulhan Upcoming Twist 31 March 2020: Sony Big twists Mere Dad Two stunning love stories begin

Mere Dad ki Dulhan

Upcoming Twist 31 March 2020: Sony Big spins Mere Dad Two magnificent love stories start Nia receives the first cheque of her first mission. She shares her joy with Kajal. She recalls the first contract signed by Kabir to get Went. She shares the ridiculous minute to get caught in the cafe for the non-payment of this invoice.

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She cherishes the previous minutes with Kabir and buddies. She tells Kajal she has learned a great deal from Went and met Kabir. She chooses the cheque to Amber, who cried at it feeling joyful as he felt once she obtained her first decoration. She pulls on his leg around Guneet.

He has blushing. She asks him about Guneet, his devotion towards his love. She tells him she can place an advertisement for him to get a lifetime partner. She says her dad appears arrogant, but is a stone in heart, and he could cook meals, he has lots of good things. Amber asks her to quit yelling, else Guneet may listen to it.

She asks him is he will tell the facts to Guneet. He tells her that he wishes to tell the facts, but he loses courage; he feels that he should not tell the facts to Guneet else he’ll lose, he must wait for longer.

He tells her that he’ll wait; he can not tell her. She tells him he can invite her to enjoy the previous time and have a blast. Shri proceeds to pull on Kabir’s leg by sharing with the previous stories. Kabir does not need Swara to understand it.

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She believes Kabir loathed their friendship. Shri knows that she’s considering Kabir. He immediately confronts her about her eager fascination with Kabir. Swara hides her emotions out of Kabir. Nia tells Amber the Guneet, and he’s made the best supper together. She asks him to deliver the exact same allure back. Amber works excited.

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