Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 8 April 2020

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Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 8 April 2020

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 8 April 2020: Maharaj Returns To Palace

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 8 April 2020: The Episode Begins with Sanjay Denying to Sunaina’s Petition. He says I can not walk more. She leaves him and goes forward from the jungle. He says you can not ask him today, Maharaj isn’t any longer, Shakuni didn’t save him. He says Maharaj is lifeless.

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He asks who’s this then. They see Maharaj living. Sanjay smiles. Shakuni and Albert come for your own marriage. Albert worries. Everybody chants Shakuni’s title. They swap the garlands. Guards Search for Sanjay. The guy says he’s indoors with Maharaj.

The guy says it will be his ghost. Guards leave. Sanjay asks are you currently fine. Maharaj says you’ve saved my life, you’re my beloved Lady from today. Sanjay says Shakuni attempted to kill you. Maharaj says he’s reckless. Sanjay sees somebody spying.

Shakuni gets directed by the pandit. Pandit says mantras did not finish yet. Shakuni says fine, you browse the mantras. Albert stays concerned. He says we shall postpone your marriage. Shakuni says no way, nobody could stop our marriage. Albert says alright.

Shakun goes to be aware of the news. Everybody looks on. Shakuni gets shocked viewing Maharaj. He provides the crown Maharaj’s hand goes off. Sanjay makes Maharaj use the crown.

Maharaj praises Sanjay for arriving on time. He says that I forgive all of your offences and punish you as Maha Saarthi again. Maharaj asks them to telephone the wicked Shakuni. Maharaj asks what happened to you.

He says Shakuni can not get an entry in the palace till he gets penalized. Suryabhan comes there to capture Shakuni. Shakuni says no, I was only experiencing the joy of this throne. Suryabhan has been provoked to conquer Maharaj. He insists.

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He recalls the last battle with Dhrishrashtra in youth. He’d dropped. He yells. He says he’s always defeated me Malyudh, Dhanush vidya. Shakuni says I’ve got a notion. Maharaj comes in the tub. Maharaj asks guards to detain Shakuni. Shakuni says Suryabhan ought to be penalized, Praja has called you a coward, once I wished to shield you, they broke my hands.

He lies to obtain their sympathy. Shakuni gets the correspondence. He arouses Maharaj from Suryabhan. Maharaj takes Suryabhan’s struggle for Malyudh.

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