Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 30 March 2020

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Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 30 March 2020

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 30 March 2020: Sanjay Is Robbed

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 30 March 2020: The Episode begins with soldiers heading to see somebody lying unconscious. Someone grabs them. The man says that I need to listen to the song once more. Sanjay reproduces the song the man begins dancing. Sanjay asks who’ll give payment, give me coins to cover the fare for your ride.

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The man says that I do not have coins. Sanjay says that I will continue to keep the hen. The man says sorry, my spouse won’t spare me. Sanjay gets an egg in the hen. The soldier says Maharaj called one into the palace. Shakuni says you need to present the necklace to Gandhari. Sanjay comes and asks what is the pressing work. Maharaj says it is my wedding anniversary. Maharaj asks exactly what exactly do you mean.

Maharaj says I wish to give something good, give me an idea about the ideal gift. He says lace necklace, a prized necklace that none has it, women wear it to show others. Maharaj says amazing information, Sanjay, you’re so smart. Shakuni says I’ve given the identical advice.

Maharaj says Maha Mantri, request the designers to produce the very best necklace, Sanjay will proceed to select it. Sanjay goes. Shakuni says you consistently praise Sanjay when I’ve all. Maharaj says Sanjay includes smartness, bewitching car along with me. Senapati says that the soldiers dropped their garments.

He says I could not locate any illness from you. His grandparents demand wedding anniversary presents. He asks them to not leave him to go. He says that I will not meet their fantasies, I will remarry again with this price of gifts.

Maharaj says I want some wise man who’ll free us from this issue forever, Shakuni proceed and inform Sanjay he is the most acceptable man for this particular undertaking. Shakuni gets gloomy. He yells his insult. He matches Albert and supplies a beverage. Albert slaps him scolds. He belongs. Shakuni gets happier and requires Albert unique.

The child says conduct, ghost… Sanjay retains down the box. Sanjay says to keep it all down. The man asks will I wash the car. Sanjay says to wash it nicely. Sanjay retains the box at the dicky. Sanjay pays cash to the mangoes. Shakuni yells and gets the box in the car.

He says we’ll observe how Maharaj welcomes Sanjay now. Suryabhan presents clothes to his grandparents. They do not become happy. They request jewelry. They depart. Senapati says Maharaj is creating Chandrahaar to get Gandhari.

Suryabhan smiles. Sanjay sees the woman lying unconscious. She says that you… The painter asks Maharaj and Gandhari to not proceed. He asks Maharaj to have a look at the painting. Sanjay presents lift into the woman. The woman says I was discovering you, stop the car, my Yuvraj is awaiting me.

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He asks that. She reveals the horse. He says I presumed something else, do not forget to give me a thank you kiss. She points the knife in his throat. He sees that the dicky empty. He says that the man who washed my car gets robbed the money, you won’t get anything out of me. She says I’ll take something. Maharaj asks Shakuni Regarding the painting.

Shakuni does not enjoy the painting. He’s an excuse to go. Maharaj jokes Shakuni. He says I’m going to present a necklace for you on the anniversary. She says thanks, but when the necklace gets stolen along the way. Senapati says do not worry, Sanjay will proceed to receive the necklace.

Maharaj says he’s the most adorable person. Sanjay comes. Maharaj gets happy. Sanjay can be robbed. He’s cloth-less, wearing only a few green leaves. Senapati informs this to Maharaj.

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