Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 3 April 2020

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Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 3 April 2020

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 3 April 2020: Sanjay Saves Sunaina’s Life

He says I’m quite pleased to consume the alcohol sent by Gandhari, Maharaj is indeed blessed, why can not I be blessed like him. Senapati praises his guts. Suryabhan says I need the ideal queen, a person who can make my life simpler, my four wives have left my life hell. Suryabhan says you’re the very best, and if you’re a girl, I’d have married you and created you, my queen.

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Sanjay hides against the protector and goes. Sanjay says that I will provide you a treat when I purchase the necklace. The kitty goes. Sanjay says the cats are tainted. He hears Suryabhan speaking in sleep using Gandhari. He enjoys the necklace also goes.

Senapati sees that and warms up Maharaj. Suryabhan asks what exactly are you doing in my area. Senapati says its room, you’re drunk and shot Gandhari’s title, you might haven’t gone into some Maharani’s area so that I gave one to my area.

Senapati says if you’re visiting the fantasy, then you’d be visiting it. Suryabhan sees the necklace asks where did it move.
Suryabhan stays concerned. Senapati and the guards attempt to get to the thief. Suryabhan says you feel that the burglar will be within the barrel. Suryabhan asks the minister to learn. Senapati goes together with the blade. Albert asks that the horses operate in this way like they have a few mins left.

Albert runs off. Sanjay gets the necklace into Shakuni. Shakuni says I do not recall anything, and we’ll go and give the necklace Maharani. Sanjay stays gloomy. He sees a child Arjun coming. The child says you advised us that you’ll give us a presentation.

Sanjay says there is going to be a large problem, and I don’t have any idea. Arjun asks what exactly will you do today. Sanjay imagines dance. Arjun asks, what can you. Sanjay asks what I could do, there are lots of enemies, and I’m lonely. Each of the children comes to assist him.

Sanjay gets a notion. Sunaina is required for its punishment. Shakuni says I told you I would start dancing when you expire. He says that this woman dared to steal the necklace, due to that she is going to be hanged until departure.

Sunaina understands the rope noose in the throat. Sanjay comes and prevents punishment. He asks Maharaj to perform justice. He says that this woman has done wrong, did you believe why didn’t do so. Maharaj asks. Sanjay says possibly her drunkard dad tied or her dumb mother had an illness, or her brother offered his kidneys for cash, we create the offenders, its the case which makes a man a criminal.

Everybody claps and gets gloomy. Maharaj yells and says I presume, its injustice… Sanjay says the legislation is blind, so the law can not see anything. Arjun shoots . Albert threatens to take. He disturbs everybody and makes them operate. Sanjay runs to assist Sunaina. The guards attempt to grab him.

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The princes come involving and assist Sanjay. He yells her. Sanjay understands the vehicle. Sunaina drops within the vehicle. They flee. Shakuni comes from the way. Sunaina says, push the vehicle. Shakuni drops apart and yells. Maharaj asks what occurred. Senapati says something occurred to Shakuni. Sanjay and Sunaina are from the jungle. He scrapes the tree bark also writes SS.

He thinks you ought to thank me. He says you’d stolen the money, and you misplaced it, it’s awful. She says I’m not worried about money when I behead you and require you to Suryabhan, he’ll give gold. Sanjay says she struck my heart shortly.

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