Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 26th March 2020

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Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 26th March 2020

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 26th March 2020: Sanjay’s Pleasant Encounter

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 26th March 2020: The Episode Begins with Suryabhan and Maharaj Dhritrashtra sitting at the pool and Talking about the cricket match. They inquire, which is going to be the auspicious moment. Maha Mantri assesses the position of the graph and supplies the mahurat after three times. Suryabhan says you’ll shed on her birthday. Maharaj cautions him. They assert.

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She drops down. She’s the puja. Albert establishes that his title is Damodar. Gandhari asks Dev to provide vision to Maharaj, bless him. Albert requires two oranges. Gandhari informs about the planetary place. He makes goes and excuses.

Sanjay trains Maharaj and everybody else for your cricket match. Maharaj says that I will handle it. Sanjay says you’ve got to reveal staff function. Sanjay says I’m creating them practice. Albert thinks we could create a black hole after three days, and we can return later on.

He says Maharaj is blind, so it does not imply that all of us are blind. Shakuni says they get married. Sanjay says I must go and cause them to practice. Suryabhan also clinics with his troops. He says I’ve got an idea to make sure your success. Suryabhan says I understood it.

Albert sees the individuals gambling on the Maharaj’s success. He believes what crap is that. He checks his telephone and messages Sanjay…we shall shed, the match is mending, come back again.

The people today begin fighting. Sanjay inquires why did you call me. Albert says the match is mended, Suryabhan will triumph, come with me, leave all of this. Sanjay says I did not do anything significant in my life, and Lord gave me an opportunity to do something great for the very first time, I can not depart Maharaj’s trust.

He belongs to Maharaj. Both teams reach to the cricket match. Sanjay says we shall throw and discover out who will play. Suryabhan thinks I’ll do the throw and choose. He wins the throw. Everybody claps. Maharaj says you’ve created. Suryabhan says no, everybody has seen it.

Maharaj says I did not understand. Suryabhan says okay, and you get it done. Maharaj says fine, and I’ll do the throw. Suryabhan says I’ve won today, and I’ll be playing. Maharaj says that he cheated me. Sanjay says you can not conduct bowling in the very first over. Maharaj says I can not sit like this. Sanjay says fine, and you are just going to get one over.

Suryabhan strikes a sixer. Suryabhan along with his Senapati bat nicely and also make 300 runs. Maharaj drops down after having a ball strikes his mind. Shakuni proceeds to throw the previous shot. Sanjay worries about visiting the scores of Suryabhan’s team. He asks what’s this play.

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Albert says he’ll kidnap you. The guy shoots the arrow. Sanjay and Albert runoff. The guys grabbed Sanjay and beat him up. Sanjay cries they operate, authorities. He runs after deceiving them. Albert also conducts. Sanjay collides with a pretty woman and has to grin seeing her. The guys come and grab him.

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