Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 25th March 2020

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Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 25th March 2020

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 25th March 2020: Sanjay Proposes A Cricket Match Instead Battle

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 25th March 2020: The Episode Begins with Maharaj serving Aamras into Acharya Ji. He asks Acharya to not resign from his article. Acharya complains about Yuvrajs coordinating their bows in Vidya’s home, Vidya’s roof broke down. Maharaj says boys understand this manner.

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Acharya informs that it is an issue of concern. Maharaj asks that will instruct their archery today. Acharya retains the resignation and yells thanks to the Aamras. He leaves. Maharaj cries to scold him. Senapati says abandon it, and he’d have gone from the constraints by now. Minister says all of the Acharyas have come from out, think who will do it.

He opens eating orange. Albert says that they respect you God delivered, but they’d have murdered me, dad and mom wanted me to become a scientist, and I’ve become. Albert says that the experiment flopped and it has established, and I can not tell you anything. Albert says I need to make the black hole. He runs outside. Sanjay runs.

Sanjay says such. Shakuni says I’m am just saying . Sanjay says nothing like this. He belongs with Shakuni. Shakuni asks how you can snare the Daasi in love. Sanjay says no, she’s like my brother, and I am a sister.

Shakuni says that I have located a fantastic instructor, Sanjay can instruct the Yuvraj’s. Maharaj asks precisely the same. Shakuni says Sanjay is your best teacher. Sanjay says, do not trouble me. Maharaj asks Sanjay to educate the children.

Sanjay belongs to the children and sees them fighting. He quits Kauravas and Pandavas out of fighting. He says I’m amour instructor from now, I’ll teach you, read this correspondence. The children come to see. They maintain Sanjay’s leg. Someone appears and on.

Tumko Paya hai into….plays….. The informer comes and says you’re right, Sanjay can not handle the princes, the thought has worked, today Sanjay will escape the state. Shakuni requires Maharaj and staff to reveal Sanjay, unable to treat children.

Shakuni says you’re showing much confidence, you only see him today and then dismiss him by the royal court. They visit Sanjay playing with the children. Maharaj asks Shakuni what’s he visiting, what’s under control. Sanjay comes to Maharaj and says we’re playing cricket, and I believed they shouldn’t struggle and play cricket, its pleasure. Maharaj says then we’ll also fight.

Suryabhan asks Senapati to state whether the battle is going to be exciting or not. Senapati says it depends on oner we receive some pleasure. They come to the battlefield area. They’re requested to come tomorrow. He asks Senapati to proceed quickly and come.

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Maharaj goes to your cricket match. He says I’ll play today. Suryabhan appears on from way. He sees his own Senapati playing them. He yells Senapati, what is happening. Senapati says cricket match is happening. Suryabhan says assault on Maharaj.

Suryabhan asks Maharaj why is he playing cricket by behaving like a coward, rather coming from the conflict field. Sanjay asks them to get a cricket game, Suryabhan can conquer Maharaj from the match. Suryabhan agrees. Sanjay says we’ll have a 20 over the competition. The Maharaj’s agree.

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