Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 1 April 2020

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Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 1 April 2020

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 1 April 2020: Sanjay Gets Kidnapped

Maharaj Ki Jai Ho Written Update 1 April 2020: The Episode begins with Shakuni studying a suicide note and then dangling down. A guard arrives to rescue him. He says that I have found a remedy for the problem. Shakuni asks what’s it. The shield tells about his comparative, making precisely the same fake necklace for Gandhari.

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Shakuni says, but we’ve lost the cash. The man announces a 10 percent closing. Shakuni says. Maharaj comes to Search for Gandhari. He says a few insects have bitten my back, in case you can itch my back, then I can get rid of the lice out of your hair, I believe she is not here, I want a rod to scratch my back.

He believes Shakuni and the shield would be the rod. He scrapes the back and says perhaps this rod was designed to itch. The protection itches his back. Maharaj goes. Sanjay is about the way from the jungle. The woman looks on. Sanjay says, hopeless infant. She asks what exactly do you mean.

She says that you indicate that you want the gold. Albert is in the pub. He hears some folks talking and proceeds to see Shakuni. Shakuni means its fake necklace. The man says we could see it, how can Maharaj and Maharani see its imitation, only provide this along with your tension is finished. Albert says he’s going to offer imitation necklace to Maharani. The man indicates the new coins.

The man says. Albert says he’s producing the black money white. He matches Shakuni. He asks Shakuni to listen to the songs. Shakuni listens to the audio. Albert says that I will increase the audio more. Shakuni dances along with him. Albert dances along with him.

Sanjay and the woman Sunaina get captured by the tribal men and women. Sanjay asks for assistance. He’s tied up. Everybody yearns Sunaina. Sanjay asks is that this goons army yours. She says your closing time has arrived. Sanjay asks what this joke is, so ask them to leave me, cease this particular drama. She says you believed you might grab me by creating demonetization program. She defeats him. He says only let them leave me. She belongs.

Shakuni gets up and says today we will see how Sanjay assists Maharaj. Shakuni comes there using guards. The tribal men and women run away. Sanjay asks him to spare him. Shakuni says I won’t leave you. Sunaina gets captured by the guards.

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Sanjay says I’ll come to rescue you. He lights the flame and says I’ve freed you. Sanjay gets anxious, seeing the flame. Shakuni takes Sunaina into the Rajya. He says Maharaj will be pleased to see you and he will praise me, I’ll get my lost esteem, you’ll get the death penalty.

Prairie comes. Minister Pranpriye says I’ve two information, one good and the other poor, and the new coins are all fake. Shakuni faints. Shakuni says I’ll get my previous information back. Shakuni asks exactly what. Sanjay cries for assistance.

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