Mahabharat Written Update 5 April 2020

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Mahabharat Written Update 5 April 2020

Mahabharat Written Update 5 April 2020: Krishna and Balarama are about to reach Mathura on the invitation of maternal mama Kansa, Yashoda’s bad health

Mahabharat Episode 5 April 2020 Updates: Mother Yashoda started mourning after hearing Kanha being sent to Mathura. At the same time, Gopis also started telling Radha that if she says Kanha, she will stay in Nandgaon.

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Mahabharat Written Update 5 April 2020, Updates: Due to the Coronavirus, people are enjoying old serials coming from the home on TV in lockdown. While the re-telecast of Mahabharata and Ramayana has brought back the past memories of the elders, the children are also enjoying these serials with great curiosity.

Viewers can watch this historical serial of BR Chopra on Doordarshan at 12 noon and 7 pm. The story of Mahabharata, which started from March 28, has reached Lord Krishna through youthful pastimes. Kanha’s love with Radha has become the subject of discussion by the gopis.

The previous episode showed how Kanha stubbornly stopped the residents of Nandgaon from sending Makhan to Mathura. When Makhan did not reach Mathura for two days, the Mathura King Kansa was furious and sent his commander to Nandgaon.

When the news of Senapati harassing cows and cowherds reached Kanha, the cows drove out Kansa’s army, impressed by their flute melodies. When Kansa came to know about this, he ordered two Asuras to destroy Nandgaon. But Kanha and Balaram killed both demons with their might.

Here, due to Indra Dev, angry at the people of Nandgaon, heavy rains started there. Due to the rain, the fields and barns of the Brij dwellers all started sinking. When the water reached above the head, everyone went to Kanha to ask for help.

Prabhu Shri Krishna assured everyone and asked them to be relaxed. To protect the people from this torrential rain, Kanha lifted the huge Govardhan mountain on the strength of his little finger and asked the people to come under it. Seeing Kanha’s might, the people of Nandgaon were beginning to praise him. At the same time, seeing this, Indradev was ashamed, and his ego was also crushed.

Radha listens to Kanha’s flute and forgets everything and begs Kanha to play the flute only for Radha. Meanwhile, when Kansa got the news that an 11-year-old child has lifted the Govardhan mountain on his finger, he was convinced that Shri Krishna is the eighth child of Devaki.

He summoned Akrur and said that he should soon bring Krishna, the nephew of Kamsa, to Mathura. When Akrur told this to Nand Baba, he got worried but then agreed to send Kanha to Mathura.

Hug my nephew

As soon as Krishna and Balarama arrived to take Kansa’s blessings, Kansa said to them that come, nephew, and my eyes were longing to meet you. He became extinct as soon as Kansa tried to kill him with a hug. After disturbing Kansa with his pastimes for a while, Lord Krishna killed Kansa with his feet. In the end, by showing Kansa his Vishnu avatar, he gave gratitude to him for my gratitude.

Kans ordered the wrestler

Kamsa is taken aback after the elephant falls down and orders the wrestler Mushtik to kill Kanha. In this way, the first mal war started, and the wrestlers started fighting among themselves. Kanha and Balaram, too, went inside, seeing this with great pleasure.

But contrary to Kansa’s thinking, both Bal Kumar started beating the wrestlers. Now all the wrestlers got together and started attacking Krishna-Balarama but could not succeed in beating them. After defeating all the wrestlers, the area resonated with the cheers of Krishna and Balarama.

Kansa’s dangerous move…

Bring Kanha and Balaram to Akrur in front of a huge crowd where the competition was going to be held. It was in this competition that Kansa resorted to a dangerous elephant to kill Kanha. But, as soon as this elephant, which is considered to be the form of Yamraj, came in front of Kanha, he bowed down before him.

Soldiers started mocking Kanha

Kanha asked Balaram if he could offer a bow to the bow there. On this, the soldiers of Kans started ridiculing them that it is a far-fetched thing that they will not even be able to lift it. But as soon as Kanha went up and down, everyone started cheering him. The clash emanating from Pratychancha was so frightening that even Kansa himself became frightened by that voice.

Naughty Kanha’s amazing Leela

On proceeding, they all reached the place where the clothes of the court were washed. Upon reaching there, Kanha asked for a cloth for himself, instead of which a person present there picked up sticks to kill them, but Lord Krishna showed his Lila and surprised the people present there, and all the people bowed before him.

The atmosphere of curiosity in Mathura …

After reaching Mathura, Akrur informed Kansa and Kanha Balarama, along with his other Sakha’s went on a trip to Mathura. On the way, he met a Kubri who used to walk. But Kanha’s miracle made his back straight. In Mathura, crowds started to gather to see Kanha and Balarama everywhere.

This is the love of Radha and Krishna

Radha stops his path as he goes ahead. On asking Akrur, Krishna says that everybody comes to him, and he goes to Radha. On reaching Radha, Kanha tells her that she will not speak anything? On this, Radha says that the speaker goes before those who do not understand, but I know you, and you know me well. Kanha asks Radha to keep his Murali with him. Radha refuses, saying that Kanha should consider Radha as a gift.

“Sandeso Devki no Kahio” …

Kanha sits in a chariot with Balarama and Akrur, where every Nandgaon resident’s eyes start flowing tearfully. As the chariot moves forward, the Brijwasis, including Nandababa and Yashoda, also follow. Akrur tells Kanha that his maternal uncle and the rest are relatives in Mathura.

On this, Kanha says if he is Yashoda’s brother, Akroor refuses and says that his birth parents are someone else on whom Kanha says that no matter what his parents are, he is always Yashoda’s son. Will remain

Mahabharata 5 April Episode: Today is special

Mother Yashoda is preparing Kanha with a sad heart. Nandababa and mother Yashoda are feeding them with their hands, feeding them Makhan. The faces of the Nandas are drawn. Gopis are depressed, and Kanha’s Sakha is also sad.

Mother Yashoda is leaving

Before sending Kanha to Mathura, Yashoda is showing a lot of pampering on him. In the morning, while looking at the sleeping Kanha, the mind gets busy thinking about which mind. Here, Akrur Ji takes Kanha and Balaram to reach Nanda Baba’s house and see that mother Yashoda is anointing Lord Krishna before sending him off and decorating peacock feathers on his head.

Kanhaiya belongs to the whole world…

When the news of Kanha going to Mathura reached the gopis, they all came together to Radha who was plucking flowers. Seeing them so comfortable, the gopis started asking if they did not know that Kanha was going to Mathura. Radha started saying that she could not do anything despite knowing this.

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The gopis told Radha that Kanha would listen to them, Radha should try to stop them. However, Gopis was disappointed by Radha’s answer. Radha said that no one is settled on Krishna; he is only his devotee. Just as Radha shares Krishna with the gopis, Kanha belongs to the whole world.

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