Mahabharat Written Update 4 April 2020

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Mahabharat Written Update 4 April 2020

Mahabharat Written Update 4 April 2020: God willing to accept Mathura King’s invitation, Balaram will also accompany

Mahabharat Written Update 4 April 2020: Naughty Nand Gopal has appealed to everyone from his demons in Gokul. Apart from Kanhaiya’s Sakha present in Gokul, Gokul of Gokul is also involved in Kanha’s mischief.

Mahabharat Episode April 4, 2020, Updates: Lockdown is going on across the country due to the Coronavirus. Meanwhile, the broadcast of Mahabharata has been resumed on Doordarshan. Viewers can watch this historical serial of BR Chopra on Doordarshan at 12 noon and 7 pm.

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The story of Mahabharata, which started from March 28, has reached the child’s pastimes of Lord Krishna at this time. Not only Gwal Bal, but Gokul’s Gopis are also sprinkling their lives on them.

In the coming episodes of Mahabharata, you will get to see more legends of Lord Krishna. These include the wonderful Bal Leelas of Lord Krishna, tales of playing with the Gopis, and their lifting of the Govardhan mountain from their small. At the same time, earlier in the serial, it was shown how Lord Shri Krishna steals Makhan in all the houses of Brij, after which Yashoda Ma catches him.

Also, playing with hair Gwalas, Nanhe Kanha jumps into the Yamuna River to get his ball, whose water was poisoned by Kalia Nag. All Gwal Baal is scared of Kanhaiya leaping into Yamuna Ji, but when Kanha comes out of Yamuna Ji and sees Kalia Nag dancing on the funnel, he is stunned by his courage and might.

Lord Krishna ready to go to Mathura

Prabhu Sri Krishna has agreed to go to Mathura after sending Aksoorji of Kansa to Gokul. During this, Balram Ji will accompany him to Mathura along with Prabhu.

Akrur reached Nand Baba with the invitation of Kansa

Akur, sent by Kansa to take Lord Krishna, has reached Gokul. During this, Nand is asking Baba to take Akur Bal Gopal to Mathura. After this, the Lord himself is saying to go there. At the same time, mother Yashoda is seen crying bitterly after hearing the name of God.

Mr. Radhe was mesmerized by hearing Kanhaiya’s Murali.

A very beautiful scene is going on in the Mahabharata at this time. Where Radha Rani, the idol of love, is seen getting mesmerized after listening to Lord Krishna’s flute.

Murali Manohar is raging with Radha Rani in Brij

In Brijdham, Lord Krishna is playing Raas Leela with Radha Rani. During this, all the Gopis are also seen enjoying Rasleela with Prabhu. Seeing these blissful scenes today, Brahma Ji has also become grateful.

Kans sent Akur to trick Gokul

Kansa is not just a sinner king. There is also a skilled politician. He has planned to send Akur to Gokul with his code policy. After this, he has got Lord Krishna from Akkur to call Gokul to Mathura. Akur has a perfect relationship with Devaki and father Vasudeva, the mother of Krishna’s avatar of God.

Heavy rain in Braj due to Indra’s anger

Devaraj’s anger has increased after Lord Krishna did not worship Indra. After which he got heavy rain in Gokul. But Lord Krishna protected all the residents by raising the Govardhan mountain on his little finger. After which Indra himself apologized to Prabhu.

Kanha refuses to worship Indra in Gokul

In the Mahabharata, Lord Krishna has refused Indra Puja with his mother, Yashoda, and Baba Nand. After which Devraj Indra is angry.

April 4 at 7 pm Episode

The Episode of Mahabharata is going to start soon on April 4 at 7 pm.

Shyam played Murali sweetly…

Seeing Krishna Kanhaiya’s bal pastimes, even peacocks forget to dance. Today’s episode showed how enchanted gopis forget their adornment to the tune of Krishna’s flute. These gopis, who dance to the tune of their pipe, want to hand over everything to Kanha. Gopis is enjoying Holi with Kanha while blowing colors.

Kanha killed the demons…

Both the demons were creating a ruckus in Nandgaon when Kanha and Balaram reached there and started fighting with them. Here both the demons were trying to remove the flames from their mouths and stalking Shri Krishna, but Kanha’s hair could not be deterred.

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At the same time, Kanha, with his supernatural powers and might, killed both the asuras and once again saved the people of Nandgaon from the plight of the asuras.

Fire in Nandgaon …

Both these demons set fire to many houses in Nandgaon. Suddenly, the people of Nandgaon were frightened to see the flames coming from their homes. Here, Kanha and Balarama were swinging when their friends gave information about the two asuras. Both Kanha and Balarama went to those sinful asuras.

Asuras threaten Nandgaon…

On hearing the news of his army’s repulsions, Kansa became very angry and sent his 2 Asuras to ruin Nandgaon. The people of the village busy in their tasks were unaware of the impending danger. Both these demons were able to fire from their mouths.

Kansa’s general attacked Nandgaon

For two days, when Makhan did not reach Kansa’s court from Nandgaon, the angry Kansa ordered his commander to go to Nandgaon. The commander destroyed all the cows and cows after reaching there. Frightened cowherds informed Shri Krishna about this and said that what can we do to destroy the army of Kansa with our bamboo sticks. But impressed by the tune of Krishna’s flute, the cows drove the entire army, including the commander.

Makhan will not send the king of Mathura …

The subjects do this to their king for their safety, saying that Kanha tells the residents of Nandgaon not to take Makhan with Kansa. According to him, children have the first right on Makhan. When Baba Nanda advised Kanha not to stubbornly, the angry Kanha even said that if Makhan went to Mathura, he would never touch Makhan.

Everybody is a little blind…

His blind friend present in the forest was left all alone there, to which Krishna asked the reason for doing so. His friend said that he is blind and therefore everyone leaves him. Kanha said that everyone is a little blind, that is, people do not see what they want to see, but they do not see what they want to see.

Yashoda tied Kanha with a rope

Devaki asked Rohini in surprise, did Yashoda not scold Krishna for mischief? On this, Rohini said that once fed up with Kanha’s mischief and gopis’ rebellion, tied Krishna with a rope and reprimanded him for eating Makhan from every house.

When Bhai Balaram went to open his rope, Kanha was also adamant that he would be bound until mother Yashoda would open him. After some time, Yashoda had to give up his stubbornness, and he freed Kanha. After that, mother Kanha cried and cried a lot, and Kanha was lovingly wiping her tears.

Kanha stealing gopis clothes

Rohini i.e., Balaram’s mother, goes to meet Devaki and Vasudev imprisoned by Kansa in jail. Devki asks Rohini about Kanha, on which Rohini tells the stories of naughty Krishna to Devaki. She tells how Kanha stole the clothes of the gopis bathing in the pond and mentioned her habitat in front of the gopis everywhere. Rohini told how Kanha, who has become the life of Nandgaon, has become the star of everyone’s eyes.

Peacock feathers equipped on the head …

While singing his Kanha, Gadha dances and describes the form of Shri Krishna, she says through dance that Kanha wears a garland around her neck while holding a peacock feather on her head. Kanha also enjoys this dance of her beloved Radha.

Other gopies tease Radha…

Everyone praises the Radha-Krishna pair. In the show, Radha teases her friends by the name of Kanha and says that Krishna has come to Brij only for Radha. On Kanha’s arrival, Radha tells her that she loses her sense of happiness due to Kanha’s flute. On this, Kanha bothers them and says that I too want to lose my mind and heart. Radha Sharma goes to hear how good it is that Radha plays the flute, and Kanha keeps listening to them.

Shyam played Murali sweetly …

Seeing Krishna Kanhaiya’s bal pastimes, even peacocks forget to dance. Today’s episode showed how enchanted gopis forget their adornment to the tune of Krishna’s flute. These gopis, who dance to the tune of their flute, want to hand over everything to Kanha. Gopis is enjoying Holi with Kanha while blowing colors.

Removing the poison of Kalia nag jumped in the Yamuna

The poisonous water of the Yamuna plagued the people of Gokul, according to them, the Kaliya Nag living in the river made the water poisonous. As soon as Kanha came to know about this, he jumped into the river on the pretext of sports to break the ego of Kalia Nag.

Out of the news of Kanha jumping into poisonous water, the lives of all Gwal Baal and Gokulwasi were stuck in the balance. But as soon as everyone saw Kanhaiya coming out of the river and dancing on the head of Kaliya Nag, then all the people bowed down to see this wonderful Leela of the Lord.

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