Love Story Of Demi Djinn And Ayaana Episode 24

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Love Story Of Demi Djinn And Ayaana Episode 24

Love Story Of Demi Djinn And Ayaana Episode 24 ~ Destined To Be ONE

Love Story Of Demi Djinn And Ayaana Episode 24: The episode begins with Roshni questioning her mum in an astounded state, “What? What did you say, Ammi?” At precisely the same time, a djinn’s spiral is seen shining on Salma’s brow, and everybody hid eyes except for Parveen, who simplifies the emblem.

Salma gets farther afield and informs Roshni, “Laado, Aman’s family is the only accountable for YOU BEING AN ORPHAN TODAY!” All are thunderstruck on this sudden revelation. Tears roll Roshni’s lips without her understanding as she needs at a quivering tone, “Ammi, what exactly are you saying?

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I don’t get you” All are confused to hear these words. Parveen, Baby, and Dadi reminisced the past when Junaid plotted against Rehaan Ahmed, who had been the wealthiest Nawab of Lucknow. Salma grins in Parveen, who is celebrating her smile, realizes it is Sifrati djinn who’s controlling Salma.

At the same time, Salma proceeds to need her”Why Samdhi samba, do not you recall any of your hour’s wrongdoings?” Roshni gets impatient and asks her mother raising her voice,” Ammi, cease speaking in riddles and be apparent” Salma turns towards her and clarifies,

“Roshni that your Abbu, Rehaan Ahmed was the wealthiest Nawab of his period, on the other hand, Junaid Khan although coming out of a family of Nawabs had no money nor standing of a Nawab, that explains why he approached the planet’s STRONGEST SIFRATI DJINN to make a deal with him, and djinn led Junaid Khan to seduce Rehaan’s sister Rubina, who presently is the Tabeezi of the Khan family as well as the step-mother of Kabir, Aman, Saima and Sarah, am I not correct, Samdi Sahiba?”

Parveen, with tears in her eyes, appears towards her son, who’s disappointed to understand the first portion of the Abbu’s fact and nods affirmatively. Aman shuts his eyes in dismay. Salma smirks and continues, “That isn’t it, Roshni, if Junaid Khan acquired on the confidence of your Ammi-Abbu, Rehaan, and Fatima, he plotted to kill your parents as well as TWIN DAUGHTERS, you and your sister,

NILOFER, in a plane crash!” Salma states, “And Junaid Khan’s sins does not finish there, Rehaan and Fatima Ahmed learned the airplane on which they’re traveling is going to crash so that they threw your sister and you by handing over the protection of you to the hands of Allah.

Inshallah, Nilofer landed firmly on a small bush of NARGIS KALI, from where she had been rescued by a Qazi and handed over to an orphanage. In contrast, YOU, you fell into the arms of Junaid Khan, who was keeping a close watch within the airplane until it appeared and your Ammi-Abu burnt into ash!” Roshni is shocked and reluctantly inquires Salma, “And has been its Aman’s Abbu who threw me right into a river to expire?”

Aman arrives to assist her, but she signals her hands, indicating a NO. Parveen gets upset because she reminisces about Nilofer. Salma turns towards her and inquires with a wicked smirk, “What Samdhi Sahiba, will not you disclose the facts about YOUR ELDER BAHU for your entire family along with your younger baby?” Salma grins, discovering it says, “Allow me to assist you,

Samdi Sahiba, NILOFER IS AMAN’S ELDER BROTHER, KABIR’S BIWI!” Everybody like Dadi and Baby are amazed because Parveen was the only person who understood about Kabir’s spouse and son. Dadi inquires, “Rehaan and Fatima’s elder daughter was Kabir’s spouse?

But we thought we’d lost……” Salma cuts saying, “Kabir, the family’s elder son and Aman’s elder twin brother had been left as a kid to be rescued out of Junaid’s deal with Sifrati djinn, yet if Junaid surrenders Aman rather than Kabir and as a consequence of that Sifrati djinn loses half his forces to Aman,

he had been determined to get Kabir at any price, and Sifrati djinn did attain Kabir in the orphanage where he dwelt, however, his own Ammi had rescued him!” Dadi and Baby get mad at this revelation. Baby inquires Parveen, “Bhabhi Jan, I believed I was the only one in this family with forgetfulness, but it sounds YOU TOO FORGOT TO INFORM ABOUT KABIR TO US AS IF KABIR HAS NO RELATION WITH US AND IS ONLY YOUR SON!”

Parveen attempts to justify herself. However, Salma shouts earlier that”And years after, Kabir wed Nilofer and KILLED HIS BIWI FOR MONEY AND POWER LIKE HIS ABBU!” Parveen gets exasperated and yells, “Enough!” Everybody turns towards her, whether she’s, “Enough badmouthing my own Shohur along with also my son, Salma Janesar!

My hour was created powerless to perpetrate all these sins, and my son wasn’t the person who murdered Nilofer. The actual offender who’s behind all this is my JADDUÑA!” All are surprised to hear this. Parveen then shuts her eyes and fists and opens them to show her GLOWING BLUE EYES AND LONG NAILS! Saima’s in-laws become scared to see her djinn form. Dadi signals towards Saima and Sarah, and they take them indoors along with Chotu.

Kabir and Rakh djinn continue observing the progress of occasions at the Junaid Mahal. Kabir smirks on viewing everything, while stating, “I understood that You’d BE FORCED TO REVEAL. You’re TRUE FORM Before EVERYONE, AMMI!” Rakh djinn seems on.

Parveen cries out in front of everybody,”And that is my TRUE FORM, I am the Mallika of this djinnaad as well as the great-granddaughter of this Sifrati djinn.” All of the family members are astonished in her confession. Parveen continues, “That’s the reason why he targeted MY FAMILY AND MY JUNAID! He’d left Junaid so helpless he had to forfeit his very own self, become an EVIL MAN and also do all those SINS!”

Roshni and Aman are abandoned handed agape at that. Shortly, Parveen breaks into tears because she reveals Kabir’s past, “And my Kabir has had the WORST FATE OF ALL, he dropped his family for a baby and HIS WIFE when he climbed up since it had been my Jadduña who murdered Nilofer and owned my Kabir!”

Roshni, having experienced enough of truth everybody, gets up, inches near to Parveen, and states, “Ammi, even though you never believed me to function as a daughter-in-law, I’d always believed you enjoy my Ammi! Parveen gets dumbstruck unable to warrant anymore. Roshni continues, “And now, I split EVERY RELATION WITH KHAN FAMILY!”

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Aman’s eyes grow wide in stress on hearing that that and gets look to look her. But, Roshni doesn’t listen to some of these, grabs Salma’s hands, and walks from their Junaid Mahal. Aman forward his hands and roars out, “Roshni!” A thThunderaks from the skies on his call, and everybody becomes shaken in their locations, but nothing ceases Roshni.

She steps from the Junaid Mahal and disappears like thin air. Aman watches it in vexation, falls upon his knees and cries out”AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH”! And now each glass item: windows, picture frames, photo frames, flower vases inside the home, split into bits. Aman grabs his head and yells out. Dadi, Baby and Parveen overly to break on watching him while Kabir at djinaad’s palace roars in laughter, shooting the queen out of one facet of his boxing board and pronouncing, “FINALLY MY LITTLE BROTHER LOST HIS QUEEN!”

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