Kundali Bhagya Written Update 10th August 2020

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Kundali Bhagya Written Update10th August 2020

Kundali Bhagya Written Update 10th August 2020: The Police Arrive And Stop The Wedding

Kundali Bhagya Written Update 10th August 2020: Preeta is from the area when Karan yells from behind, mentioning she is here, and he began missing him; he exclaims that he requested her to go off and attend all of the ceremonies by staying close to him; she’s tensed. Nevertheless, he asks what she meant by that then takes off a tear out of close her eyelash.

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Sameer running from Shrishti brings the fabric for your Pandit, Shrishti calls him out he needs them to allow him to take good care of these things, the Pandit asks for a bride that he gets interested afterward Dadi scolds him mentioning that he’s calling for Maira.

However, she’s come into the Mandap, and he also moves out to attract all of the attendees into the Mandaphe predicts Karina and Sanjana who are with Ramona, she’s walking when she sees Rishab then aggressively takes him, he’s not pleased to be in the Mandap.

Sameer is walking when he sees that someone is after him he turns and finds it’s Shrishti who pushes him apart from the room exclaiming he has not thought of any strategy and what is he doing, he then questions what she meant because he wasn’t able to consider anything, she has very hyper, and he calms her down.

The Pandit asks that he stay focused on Maira because she’s the one he’s marrying misbehaves with all the Pandit mentioning they can locate the mantar online, Dadi states he shouldn’t speak like this to that Karan answers he should just concentrate on the Mandap and their union.
Maira is standing awaiting the bands when Karan claims to Kartika she also hands her flowers because she’s also attending the wedding then, when she chooses the flowers, she isn’t able to take action and projecting the blossom leaves the Mandap.
Sherlin is at the hallway talking with Prithvi mentioning that she’s really happy because today Karan is devoting Maira, Prithvi asks where she’s in the home then hearing her voice that he pulls her inside, she’s shocked asking what he’s doing in the home, he exclaims that he came into love with her, and she pushes him aside, exclaiming that they ought to do anything for Mahesh because she desires he stay like that,

Prithvi exclaims she doesnot understand Preeta because she could do anything to get your Luthra’s and has the capability to take every measure possible for them, Sherlin gets mad to that he cites that she shouldn’t take it personally but that is the truth and it’s that Preeta is actually smart and with the capability and psychological strength to destroy their every program, she asks why he reached the home, he responds that he came to be certain Karan and Maira’s wedding occurs with no difficulty that Preeta might make,

Sherlin suddenly states that he also doesnot understand Preeta anymore because she’s standing throwing flowers at them equally, Sherlin is also shocked because she didn’t call anybody to assist her because she’s the correct and might come back when everybody was against her she didn’t do anything because she’s lost her head because of Karan’s union so she’s once more won and Preeta lost.

Sameer is attempting to leave. However Shrishti pulls him indoors, he clarifies he isn’t able to believe, and she’s also not allowing him to leave so that he won’t be able to think of a strategy she explains that she won’t ever let him leave the kitchen because she’s convinced he won’t return as he’s really fearful, Sameer is frustrated that she phoned him then she exclaims with a loud exclamation she has found a plan however for this to function that they need to be certain the Karan renders the Mandap. Sameer isn’t able to think about her strategy.

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Preeta comes straight back into the Mandap at which the Pandit asks Maira to return, Preeta believes that Karan isn’t able to find out what lies before him she can certainly see it is his destruction, and she’ll now be pleased if this is exactly what he desires, the wedding is going to restart when the authorities arrive demanding they stop the wedding, everybody is in a state of disbelief as they cannot understand why the authorities have arrived.

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