Kundali Bhagya Written Update 03 March 2020

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Kundali Bhagya Written Update 03 March 2020

Kundali Bhagya Written Update 03 March 2020Episode Update: Karan And Preeta Go On A Date

Kundali Bhagya Written Update 03 March 2020: Preeta needs that Karan abandon her space as though they’re seen together then it will produce a lot of problems, Karan clarifies he isn’t frightened of anybody’s dad or mother, Preeta says that when he doesn’t depart then she’ll head when she attempts to get down in the bed that he takes her hands.

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They after coming nearer to each other, kiss, Preeta abruptly wakes up from the shock. Shrishti gets tensed after watching her like that, Preeta believes that it was all a fantasy, Shrishti is considering her, Preeta attempts to conceal her feelings, Shrishti says that even when she does not wish to tell anything she understands that Preeta watched a fantasy of a husband and wife that are at a romantic moment, Preeta conducts out of her as she’s becoming late for her workplace.

Rishabh walks down in the staircase and leaves after informs everyone, Rakhi prevents him describing that she’ll give him food out of her hands, Dadi asks Rakhi when she recalls how much he was able to tease them all, Risahb says he recalls the way they all used to control him.

In the time when Rakhi was blessed with Karan, they left him to consume, stating that this will make him healthy. Karan has to sit on the dining table, Rishab dictates he must visit the clinic early as he won’t have the ability to focus, Karan pleads that Rishab should allow him to eat, Karina taunts he is going to concentrate when he quits looking into the things which aren’t significant, Karan gets angry at this announcement,

Maira comes to ask him to return for her party, he dismisses stating that Karina has ordered him to concentrate on his clinic, Dadi scolds Karina for speaking to him like such as it’s destroyed his disposition, she then asks Karan to kiss her, and he has to come to her party.

Preeta enters the workplace at which Shiv comes to have a conversation with her, and he asks her about what’s happening in her life and how she’s now, they are speaking, and Preeta also begins to laugh, and Karan watching them equally gets envious and wonders why Preeta is laughing just like that with Shiv, Preeta then takes his leave stating that she’s a great deal of work.

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Still, Shiv follows her, Karan attempts to think about the rationale Shiv is after her. Maira is in her room trying to pick the dress for her party, Sherlin enters exclaiming she wants to dress like that as she won’t be in a position to do this after a couple of months, so she wishes to match all of her wants,

Maira responds that she could perform all she desires but needs to assist her today as she cannot decide what to wear since she needs to look the very best for Karan, Sherlin replies that she hasn’t known Karan even today as he doesn’t judge a woman by her great looks, Maira won’t take it saying that she sense he wishes to come nearer to her because he touched her face in the morning then abandoned as he may have gotten nervous, Sherlin,

however, won’t take that Karan has begun to enjoy Maira, and she gets fearful considering it because she feels Karan may bring Preeta straight back into the Luthra home soon. Preeta is at her office in which Shiv is attempting to converse with her, Karan promptly participates in whining that he’s a serious pain in his shoulder,

he also asks Shiv what he’s doing in her workplace then pleads with her to explore his shoulder, then needs that Shiv depart and look after the staff as otherwise, they won’t work correctly, Shiv leaves, and Karan instantly gets up inquiring why was she speaking to Shiv and laughing, Preeta knows that he had been lying inquires why he did all this, Karan clarifies that Shiv has begun to enjoy her,

She asks him what’s wrong with Shiv liking her, only then Shiv returns mentioning the staff is at the changing room rather than on the floor. Karan mentions they all have gone into the dressing room after hammering her, Karan gets a call and says that Preeta is right in front of him and he’ll bring her when you can,

Shiv asks where he’s taking Preeta to he says that her husband is calling her because he wishes to describe how much he loves her, even when Shiv asks to abut her occupation he says her husband won’t allow her job since there are a whole lot of guys around her. Her friends also have attracted a bride for a decoration for her, and she rejoices the simple fact that she’s going to get married into Karan.

Karan and Preeta arrive in the restaurant, so she asks why they’ve arrived at the restaurant to that Karan taunts they have begun to dance but says they will eat something pleasant, Karan’ s lovers wish to have a selfie together to that he amuses, he visiting that Preeta is covetous brings her nearer to him stating that she will soon be in all of the selfies they take.

Karan and Preeta begin to set the order, she explains that she would like to eat hot food to that Karan also requests the same hot food such as her, but it’s merely in contest, Karan gets a call from Maira, and he mentions he is having dinner, so she asks that he come to her party whenever you can, she hears Preeta voice in the background after that she gets frustrated and leaves the party.

Maira reaches the parking in which she wonders what Karan is performing with Preeta because he had been presumed to be with her at the party since they are engaged, she gets to her car and drives off, Sherlin is unable to locate her at the party, she recalls that Maira was looking anxiously for Karan however was unable to locate him she, so she decides to call her again,

Maira answers the call explaining that she will visit the restaurant at which Karan and Preeta are having dinner, she’ll smack Preeta for attempting to tempt Karan towards her, and Sherlin believes that Maira is going to perpetuate the greatest mistake of her life. Hence, she needs to quit her with any means necessary. (Kundali Bhagya Written Update 03 March 2020)

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