Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Twist 17 March 2020

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Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Twist 17 March 2020

Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Twist 17 March 2020: Kundali Upcoming Kumkum Tonight frustrating twists

Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Twist 17 March 2020: Kundali Upcoming Kumkum Tonight bothersome twists Abhi and Pragya’s never-ending hits and overlook continue to include up dull and annoying moments in the trail.

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Pragya asks her to let them she will meet them in any other manner. Vikram asks Pallavi to proceed, and he will not get up. He wakes up and yells Pragya after she renders out of the area.

On the flip side, Prachi would like to inform Pragya about Ranbir’s love confession. She believes if Ranbir supposed his words because he had been drunk. She also understands he would only speak the truth from the drunken state. She gets confused over accepting Ranbir’s suggestion or not.

Preeta and Shrishti come home with light, and gloomy faces following Karan fumes on Preeta and blame her for damaging Mahesh. They did not anticipate Karan to switch sides once more. Karan does not understand what’s occurring that it’s consistently Preeta about Mahesh if the latter gets hurt.

Rishabh attempts to describe that Preeta remains innocent. Sarla finds her brothers mad and asks them the issue. Shrishti shows the new ugly attribute on Preeta introduced by the Luthra family. She tells Sarla that Karan additionally accused Preeta. Sarla gets smashed once more.

She tells them that should they dare visit meet Luthras, then they will find her lifeless. She ties them at a guarantee that they won’t keep any contact Luthra. Preeta sheds tears, which she dropped Karan once more. Kareena warns Rakhi and Rishabh against supporting Preeta.

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She tells that Preeta has ever brought evil destiny for them. She informs Karan who Aroras is unfortunate for him, and he’d wed Preeta only for the sake of revenge. She does not need Karan to collapse to Preeta’s tear snare. She tells them that Karan should not help Preeta this moment.

Sherlyn and Mahira believe they’ve defeated. Can Karan not think Preeta or enjoying with a play to capture the actual culprit? Continue reading.

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