Kundali Bhagya Spoilers Preeta Karan Love Track Off Air

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Kundali Bhagya Spoilers Preeta Karan Love Track Off Air

Kundali Bhagya Spoilers Preeta Karan Love

Kundali Bhagya Spoilers Preeta Karan Love Track Off Air: Kundali Last Episode Preeta Karan love monitor off atmosphere Mahira admits the fact that she’d hurt Mahesh to kill him. Preeta raises hands to smack her. Shrishti intervenes to safeguard Preeta. She tells that Mahira has left a significant error by confessing her offence; her hard reality will come out quite shortly. Mahira believes Preeta is joking, and she can not do anything today.

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She inquires Preeta how will she visit Luthra home, what’s her strategy to expose her in front of everybody. She tells Preeta that she’ll guarantee everyone that Preeta is to blame. She explains that Luthras despise her today. She says Preeta she will not let anyone come between Karan and her.

She threatens to kill everybody who comes in her way to receive her love. She admits that she and Sherlyn needed to try to kill Mahesh to rescue themselves. Shrishti believes Mahira is worse compared to Sherlyn. She wants to expose Mahira and prevent her from getting Luthra’s bahu.

She tells that Mahira is so wicked that she’ll destroy Luthras following the marriage. Mahira does not feel that everyone will hear Preeta and Shrishti. Preeta asks Mahira to quit talking about destiny. Mahira tells her marriage is expected in a few hours. She asks them not to keep her active for a longer time.

She’s happy and wants to celebrate her new narrative starting in Karan’s life. She tells Preeta that she’ll discuss Karan’s marriage movies with her. She requests Preeta to see that her husband’s marriage is occurring. She makes a depart from Aroras’ home.

Afterwards, Kritika returns home and tells the family that Mahira is not in the temple. Kareena tells Karan and Rishabh who Preeta is supporting Mahira’s kidnapping. She says them that Preeta had become a part of the Holi only to destroy their happiness.

She believes Preeta has pushed Mahesh down the staircase and kidnapped Mahira. She tells that Preeta does not desire Karan to wed Mahira or anybody else. She says that somebody in their family is telling Preeta. Sherlyn appreciates the sight of Rishabh sinking in sorrow owing to his helplessness. She thinks it’s excellent that Kareena is in her favour. Luthra gets anxious for Mahira.

Sherlyn tells Kareena that Preeta does not want the marriage to occur. She says that Preeta can perform anything incorrect with Mahira and set her own life at risk. Mahira returns house and alleviates the family breed. Sherlyn asks Mahira to inform them whether Preeta had chased her and hurt her.

Karan wants Mahira to reply to them about her lack. Sherlyn does not need Karan to calm down. She matches hatred in their heads against Preeta. Mahira tells Karan she got a call from somebody who called her Karan’s behalf.

She lies that she’d gone into the restaurant to fulfil Karan and then obtained Preeta’s call. The narrative goes around and around once more when Preeta gets blamed. Mahira tells Karan that Preeta told her this time she will not fail in stopping the marriage.

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She lies that Preeta was planning to kill her. She says that she’d run to save her life from Preeta. Kareena gets overly mad that Karan and Rishabh consistently bring back Preeta at home. She tells them that Mahira was assaulted by Preeta earlier too.

She wants to understand why Preeta is contrary to them. She calls for safety to facilitate out items in the marriage role. Kareena tells the safety that Preeta and Shrishti should not come within the home. She admits that Preeta should not enter the house at any price. Kareena says the marriage will occur on precisely the same day. Karan gets into a repair.

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