Kundali Bhagya Latest News Karan Preeta Bhagya favors

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Kundali Bhagya Latest News Karan Preeta Bhagya favors

Kundali Bhagya Latest News Karan Preeta Bhagya favors

Kundali Bhagya Latest News Karan Preeta Bhagya favors: Mahira tells that Preeta had once again hired the goon to kill her, but she was blessed enough to save herself from the threat.

She tells she had thought of her loved ones and hurried into the house to save her own life, with only Karan’s love offering her power. Luthra compliments Mahira’s courage, along with her passion for Karan. They attribute Preeta once again. They cannot say anything.

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Mahira loves her Haldi ceremony. Ramona applies her Haldi first. Rakhi and Kareena do the rituals together with Karan and Mahira. The Haldi ceremony continues in full swing. Rishabh believes Karan is destroying his life by devoting Mahira. He needs Karan to trust Preeta for once.

Mahira and Sherlyn are incredibly pleased to relish this Haldi ceremony. Mahira is sure that her truth won’t ever come out, Preeta can not dare to return to Luthras and expose her. She feels just like a queen that achieved success.

Meanwhile, Shrishti tells Preeta that everything is going to be destroyed when Karan marries Mahira. She says they can not stop anything in the future, if they’re eager to bring a shift, they then must rush right off to end the marriage. She inquires Preeta to collect the courage to ensure they stop the awful shadow from penetrating Luthra’s house.

She tells Rishabh that Preeta is your offender, she’d attempted to kill Mahesh, she should not be roaming free. She needs Preeta to get detained. She asks why’s Preeta free, why are not Luthras penalizing her by casting her into the jail. Rishabh reprimands Sherlyn for always blaming Preeta for every thing.

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Sherlyn understands a jolt to realize that Rishabh remains mesmerized by Preeta’s goodness and does not wish to listen to a word against her. She doesn’t need Rishabh to assist Preeta in showing her innocent. Preeta decides to barge to Luthra’s home and stop Karan and Mahira’s marriage.

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