Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 6th August 2020

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Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 6th August 2020

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 6th August 2020: Aaliya Bribes The Nurse For Pragya’s Daughter Pic

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 6th August 2020: The Episode Begins with Aaliya, Rhea, and Meera coming into the ward and Watch Abhi unconscious. The Nurse comes and tells that he is going to be okay. Sarita behen becomes sprained in her leg and asks Prachi to go. Prachi goes. The Nurse says his wife, who had been admitted with him at the hospital following the collision.

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Aaliya asks her to check in the documents and tells them he has no wife. The Nurse says if they had been separated and they met again. She says she phoned from Pragya’s number and a person named Sa…chose the call. Aaliya shuts the door from inside and asks Nurse to click Pragya’s daughter’s pic when she comes here.

She gives her cash. Prachi attempts to open the door, but the door is locked from inside. Rhea tells Abhi that she won’t ever leave him. Rhea says in the event you do not get up, then I shall go from here and won’t ever return. Rhea says just now she’s arrived.

She says I’ll take you home with me. Abhi asks her to stop crying and says you’d have counted till 3, I’d have to get up. Aaliya says she’d left. She tells Meera they will take that home. Abhi believes, how did Pragya depart out of here? Meera says she’ll settle the hospital bills.

Abhi takes the oxygen out mask and tells them he is going to walk. The Nurse thinks she’s getting so much money for one photograph and finds Pragya from the washroom. Pragya recalls, and a FB is revealed, Pragya says she wants to tell him a lot of things and goes to wash the area where she fainted and fell. Fb ends. Pragya comes from the ward. The Nurse takes Prachi’s picture. They leave.

Abhi asks Rhea to visit her room. Rhea says she will sit here and says she’ll treat him. Abhi says that he needs to do something. Does he ask how her vacation was? She says she came from London to the hospital straight. Abhi says I should not have spoken to you after whatever you’ve done.

He says she did not respond to my messages and asks if she enjoyed the gift he delivered at her London address. Rhea gets tensed and tells the present was great; she thought to meet him say. Abhi asks that color she enjoys in the present. Rhea goes. Abhi asks Meera to bring charger. Vikram comes there and asks why he did not come. Abhi says that he charges money to come to Sangeet. Vikram says I understand why did not happen.

Rhea goes to the kitchen and calls Minty to learn about Abhi’s gift. She believes Minty called her several times, but she did not choose the calls. She thinks she invites troubles. She thinks of making coffee for Abhi and tests online. Ranbir sees her and says, you’re back. He gets happy seeing her and says so beautiful to see you. He says great. Rhea says she arrived in the afternoon. Ranbir says everybody missed you so much. Rhea asks. Ranbir says, yes. Does he ask about London? Rhea says it was great.

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She tells that she returned hearing Maya and his involvement, can not see him getting married to someone else. Ranbir says he doesn’t want him to see him married to Maya. She says she’s making coffee for daddy. Ranbir says he’ll create the world’s best coffee for chief and takes the coffee powder in his hands. Rhea also attempts to hold it, and they keep a hand on each other’s side.

Ranbir says we’ll make coffee now. Rhea plays songs. He makes coffee and says it’s completed. Prachi calls on his cellphone, but Rhea rejects her telephone. Prachi thinks he isn’t picking the telephone after reaching home. She calls him. Rhea tells his telephone is ringing.

Ranbir asks her to reveal. Rhea asks who is significant to you, chief, or this call. She rejects the call. Prachi says he’s a strange guy. Shahana says you’re yearning to speak to him and tells him he is only a friend. Prachi thinks why she’s feeling bad. Ranbir tells them he will check the call. Rhea tells him that daddy was in the hospital and asks if he won’t come. Ranbir says he did not understand and got stressed for Abhi. He goes to meet him.

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