Kumkum Bhagya 25 Feb 2020 Written Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 25 Feb 2020 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 25 Feb 2020 Written Update: Ranbir To Get Engaged To Maya

Kumkum Bhagya 25 Feb 2020 Written Update: The Episode begins with Ranbir telling Maya that when he tells everything for her household, then what’s going to occur, the union is going to be canceled. Maya says that they won’t agree. He asks, did you recall what you’ve done. He thinks I’ll do the same and tell everyone you have molested me.

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He says I’ll tell everyone; then, they’re going to agree to my expressions like I have proofs of the final meeting. Maya asks him to escape from that point. Ranbir asks her to prevent it and asks her to tell reality to everyone if she wishes to save her participation. He says if she does not agree, then he’ll tell everyone whatever had occurred between them.

Abhi tells Meera how to do Rhea’s necklace v isit, Maya. Abhi says it’s 9:30 and asks her to notify somebody else before going. He asks where’s that necklace. Rhea says I shall assess. Abhi asks did you provide your bead necklace into Maya.

Pragya sees a woman sad and comes into the hotel room. She gives her a mobile phone. Amrita tells that she’s abandoned her husband and shows that he’d slapped me at the celebration. She says that slap left me to neglect to proceed. Can Pragya inquire what is going to happen? Amrita asks her to see the narrative. Can Abhi inquire if your title is Maya?

Rhea says it’s from the locker. The hotel staff speaks about Maya’s surprise to get Mohit. They ask whether the setup is prepared for LED. We’ll record it. They discuss if Mohit admits first. Another man asks him to grow the quantity of Maya’s mic. They hear Maya inquiring if she will confess love. Ranbir tells them he is going to go and know that she’s his actual molester. (Kumkum Bhagya 25 Feb 2020 Written Update)

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Maya says you can not harm me. Ranbir says everyone will consider him. They begin documenting the confession. Maya says what you’ll tell out my participation is going to be canceled. Everyone hears it since the microphone volume is large. Ranbir says I’ll tell everyone that you’re getting married at a pressure. There was a little deal between your dad and Mohit’s dad that’s political.

Ranbir says that I will tell you to love me, and you also do not need to wed Mohit. Can Pragya inquire what’s going? Prachi says she does not understand; it wasn’t within their strategy. Sarita Behen says he’s looking Devdas within her love. Pragya says we will stop him.

Maya asks if he’s angry and asks him to proceed. They do not understand they have made it to the stage. Everyone appears shocked. Mohit tells his dad he won’t marry Maya. Ranbir says that I will clarify bro, there’s nothing. Mohit says you’re my sautan and can not be my brother.

He yells, keeping thoughts on his mother’s knee. Mohit says my very first love is faulty. His mom says that this was your fourth most immense love. He says that my fourth most abundant love is defective. Ranbir says that there is not anything between us. Ranbir says you’ve destroyed my entire life, and I am staying here for you.

Mr. Chaubey says union mended and asks Maya not to speak with his damad, such as that. Pragya says, how do you say that? Can he ask if you’re his mommy? Pragya says she arrived to manage decoration and catering. He asks her to become silent and not to intervene.

Maya says we struggle a lot and aren’t even compatible. Mr. Chaubey says that your mummy and I struggle just like you both, and we’re an ideal couple. He says we also say precisely the same, that our life goes with this. He says that the man is also great; the union is fixed. Ranbir attempts to state.

Mr. Chaubey asks him to become silent and announces their participation after three times. She says, do you understand what you’ve done. She says we have come here, we’d go into blackmail Maya and also make her admit her reality, but what you’ve done, you’ve canceled her participation and obtained your assistance mended with her.

She says you’ll get him participated in 3 times, then marriage and children will take place. Ranbir says it’s a union rather than a soccer game. He says it’s a procedure; women’s family goes to men’s family as well as the man’s family choose the woman and decide whether she’s correct or not.

Prachi says insensitive if she’s a woman then if she will not have some regard. He says that I am speaking about his parents and means that they won’t agree. Prachi says pigeon are becoming engaged in three times and scolds him over-smart. Ranbir says if I’m pigeon. She says you’re an owl, etc.. She leaves from that point.

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Prachi says Ranbir had gone into sabotage Maya, but he dropped in the issue and obtained threatened. Ranbir comes there and tells them he would like to go from the mess. Sarita behen says definitely. Pragya says when we encourage each other, then everything will be beautiful and says Prachi would like to state to Ranbir. (Kumkum Bhagya 25 Feb 2020 Written Update)

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