Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 23 March 2020

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 23 March 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 23 March 2020: Prerna Meets Sneha

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 23 March 2020: The episode begins with a girl working with a balloon. Prerna is about the road and asks the driver about the day. She thinks how is it a fantastic day once I dropped my daughter, she could not endure for 2-3 days, when I had been with my daughter today, she’d have been eight years old.

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 23 March 2020: The girl goes to select the balloon. Prerna smiles, visiting the aircraft. The girl gets in the vehicle. She says its balloon, you may keep it if you prefer it. The girl says that the balloon is fantastic. Prerna says this seems like you.

The girl says that I left it for my very best buddy, its d istinctive balloon, it is possible to take it if you would like. The girl says that the store is mine. Prerna says alright, I’ll purchase this balloon. The girl says you may keep it if you prefer, I enjoy you.

Prerna asks what your age is. The girl says eight decades. Prerna seems on. FB reveals Komolika giving the cash and asking the nurse to overlook their match. She thinks what can I do, I was also fearful. She says I’m glad the girl is not alive, and I have spared from your sin. She goes from this room.

The woman asks her to kiss. The girl says you’ll find the hug after completing the job, I met with a tall woman, she was beautiful, I gave her Naina’s balloon, I’d made most exceptional balloon, I’d worked hard. The girl laughs and says only on your sight.

She awakens the girl. Prerna thinks aircraft attracted me, and I’m feeling attached for the balloon and girl. She reaches the workplace. She keeps the balloon in the vehicle and goes. The aircraft flies into Anurag. He thinks Sneha, and I could not keep her with me. However, she needed to proceed with Prerna, ” I wish I could see you after. He chooses the balloon. The driver sees the aircraft.

Komolika says Nivedita, in case you had any sense, then you’d haven’t neglected, visit Ronit and find out, have a look in his location and your place, learn from him, pass the tea. Komolika asks the servant to acquire chef hat. Komolika does not hold the cup.

It drops down. Komolika says do not state that it occurred by mistake, go and wash this clean. Nivedita cleans the location. Komolika thinks I did not forget all of the insults, you left strategy of joining Anurag and Prerna which day. Servant understands the chef hat.

Komolika makes Nivedita use it. She thinks to fulfil Prerna after beating her, to remind her location. Prerna matches Mr Sudeep. She says it was an imp; therefore I’ve come, I’ve mailed the files. He says that has been remarkable, and you need to provide me with a reason to provide you with property permissions. She asks will you give me information regarding Basu city.

He says that you believe I’ll be biased about it. She says. He says Basu town is Anurag’s fantasy. She says what I’m performing is a dream of many people, and you understand an individual puts his hard-earned cash at home, its a nightmare for these,

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you know folks stay away from families for work, when I give them job opportunities, they’ll spend some time with family, everything will probably soon be in their favour, Basu town is going to be for luxury possibly, you opt to prefer luxury or need. He asks are you likely to meet this fantasy, you would like to convert a residential property into commercial property, right.

He signals on the newspapers. He says that you can initiate the building work today. She smiles and thinks that this approval will violate their left hopes.

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