Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 19 March 2020

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 19 March 2020

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 19 March 2020: Prerna Gets Veena Home

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 19 March 2020: The episode begins with Mr. Bajaj says you’d well to satisfy your family, you’ve earned everything on your own, inform your family what you’re, they will not be residing in Bajaj’s house, you’ve worked hard.

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update 19 March 2020: She says Mr. Bajaj explained, who’s he to pick, I’ve done everything in my, I did all, I’ve made a house in London, KBP group of businesses is mine, you are coming with me to my house, that is it.

Veena says that society has made its own rules; we do not remain in a kid’s home, do not acquire adamant; we can not stay there. Prerna says daddy used to say I m son, not his daughter if you elevated all people did you become biased, you gave equivalent upbringing to everybody, is your society paying your invoices, the community won’t do anything to you,

I had been lonely for eight decades, I wanted you, you wanted me, I could not do anything, even once I came back today, you are my family, you’ll live with me so that I can protect you, did you determine exactly what culture did with me, you can remain in the outhouse, but stay with me.

Veena says we are all set to come with you, but can you hear me, we’ll remain the same manner we do not want servants, we’ll do our job independently. Prerna says I’ve learned this by myself, and I did everything in your own, I’m your daughter and understand it, Kuki will probably be happiest seeing you. Veena says small Kuki… She yells.

He speaks to his buddies. He says that I will find the girl, who’s she. Kaushik goes. Prerna says you came, take rest. Shivani asks where’s Kuki. Prerna says she moved to the school, and she’ll come soon, she’s lovely. Kajal says you have us, thanks so far better. Prerna asks does anybody thanks, family.

Kajal says we come in a middle-class family, following mommy’s performance… Prerna asks exactly what surgery. Veena says she’s kiddish, do not hear her. Prerna asks Mahesh why’s he silent. Mahesh says I had thought it was so great when we dwelt together, and everybody was able to scold me, you recall I told you that I’d become a cricketer.

Prerna says what, not one knows what’s going to occur, see me personally, what I desired, a straightforward life with an authentic spouse, a fantastic family, what did I get.

Kaushik proceeds to change. Kuki comes and yells, seeing them. Prerna says Anurag cheated me, and I could not think about it, his cheat has made me stronger, I recall dad told after that life means difficulties, we could cope with it our way, we’re still together, perhaps you’re forced to become something different.

Kajal says I additionally describe him precisely the same, to proceed in life. Prerna says I’m feeling hungry. Veena says that you gave me a brand new hope now, I think happiness has come back again. Prerna asks her to cook meals for her. Shivani and Kajal state you’ll get Veena’s homemade meals and ginger tea. Veena says Kajal makes an excellent tea. Prerna says I’m sure of it, and you weren’t with me now I obtained peace.

The woman scolds him goes. Kuki and Kaushik claim. Kuki proceeds to answer a telephone. Prerna says I dropped many feeble occasions and thought of a single individual, that gave me the courage and educated me to struggle, its Veena. She says you taught us to become stiff and strive; now you are with me. Veena says I’ll go to cook meals.

Shivani asks Prerna did you fulfill Anurag and Komolika. She says Komolika gets the total Basu company within her hands. Prerna says I fulfilled and gave him a significant jolt, he won’t ever forget that Prerna is back, I still have a meeting, I’ll come. She belongs.

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She recalls… Komolika stating I despise you, you come between my passion, I’d warned you that I’ll make your life just like a terrible fantasy, Anurag and that I missed you a whole lot, experience obtained easy after you moved, it got dull, you’re back today, it’ll be enjoyable to hurt you.

She says I have the Basu companion business in my palms. Prerna asks, are you currently completed? Can I go today? FB ends. Prerna believes we will see who’s a cat and who’s a tigress, time will reveal.

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