Kartik Naira Starplus YRKKH Recent Highlights

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Kartik Naira Starplus YRKKH Recent Highlights

Kartik Naira Starplus YRKKH Recent Highlights: Trisha gets enmity together for no significant matter. Lav and Kush have been spoilt brats who take Trisha’s information in the wrong manner. Their self gets hurt with her easy arguments.

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The thing goes from hands when Trisha slaps Lav because of his misbehavior. Kartik and Naira know about Lav and Kush bothering her. Lav and Kush develop a timely apology. They make a big blunder of slipping into Abhishek’s wicked plans. Kartik is pleased with the manner Naira is appearing after Trisha, which makes the latter sense like family.

Trisha does not wish to express her issues into Naira, knowing that Goenkas is Naira’s in-laws, and the issue may get spoiled. Naira informs Kartik she has promised Negi that she’ll look after Trisha. She treats Trisha like her very own child.

Trisha runs off to rescue herself up and lands from the hospital after fulfilling a crash. Trisha’s country shocks Naira the most. Naira gets into much annoyance in visiting Trisha’s state. Kartik and Naira get a big jolt about knowing that Trisha was molested.

Naira gets Kartik’s aid within her big conflict. Kartik and Naira confront a very hard time after knowing that Lav and Kush are the offenders. A big search directs them into the offenders. A more significant legal conflict with Goenkas goes on to find justice for Trisha. Kartik and Naira endure the struggle and present an illustration for the society with their devotion towards the righteous.

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The series has ever supplied a social message via the narrative. Lately, together with all the COVID-19 situation striking the planet, the series was shown to be the finest again by providing precautionary guidelines to be followed at the lockdown. The Goenkas offer an insight into after the hygiene principles to resist the coronavirus.

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