Kahaan Hum 2 to Return on Star Plus with Rohit Sonakshi

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Kahaan Hum 2 to Return on Star Plus

Kahaan Hum 2 to Return on Star Plus with Rohit Sonakshi

Rohit Sonakshi to return on Starplus using Kahaan Hum 2 in accordance with the suggestion given by Dr. Rohit Sippy from the finale episode, he will probably be with Sonakshi always. A superbly beautiful event to remember.

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The news appears much confirmed. The lovers of Rohit and Sonakshi will have the ability to see Season 2, peaking to the lifestyles of both Sippys and Rastogis once more.

This time, it’s likely to be a double pleasure from the sequel. Rohit and Sonakshi will probably be going forward in their sticks aside careers, Rohit being a heart surgeon, super-busy in his job obligations, having time for the household. At the same time, Sonakshi is a busy work-loaded television celebrity, who will spare considerable time for love. She loves Rohit because of his professionalism; after all, he conserves lots of innocent lives in his career.

Rohit and Sonakshi’s adorable banter, practical to lifestyle scenes, thoughtful dialogues, and a few little filmi dramas will probably return to entertain the audiences. The station can bring this series following the Covid-19 break concludes. With this kind of fantastic news coming, yes, there’s excitement to see the hugely missed Ronakshi back, curious about How they can begin the narrative. Undoubtedly yes!!

On account of this common Covid-19 outbreak scenario, the Hotstar series’s new updates have ceased anytime. We’ll attempt to collect any forthcoming news and supply for you to balance out the shows sudden closed by bringing some of their most effective Starplus Vintage shows.

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