IPKKND Iconic Starplus Classic drama

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IPKKND Iconic Starplus Classic drama

IPKKND Iconic Starplus Classic drama: Arnav Khushi

IPKKND Iconic Starplus Classic drama: Arnav behaves with Khushi after she has become the reason because of his style series’s disaster. He does not need the press to print his image with Khushi.

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Payal expects Khushi and miracles why did not Khushi come by today. She learns that Abhishek’s mother is demanding enormous dowry. Bua tells that they prepare the store newspapers to give to Abhishek. Khushi faces a challenging time once the guards lock her up and interrogate her, believing that she belongs to Arnav’s business competitors. Khushi is not from the rival group.

She won’t take any blame. Arnav learns she is not speaking up. He doubts about her goals and proceeds to meet her himself. Khushi barges from the space, while Arnav hinders her. Together with his mad stare, he renders Khushi terrified. Khushi tells Arnav she does not know anything.

He asks her to provide the answer and then depart. She says that she must go home for her loved ones, that are in deep trouble. He asks her when she had been paid to destroy his style show. She wants to clarify about her accidentally entry to the ramp. She does not accept that she’s caused any injury.

She wants to go home rather than allow Payal’s union break. He tells her that middle-class women can marry anybody; they do not care that the groom is. Khushi finds him talking nonsense. She wants to know who’s he to see this right to speak ill about her loved ones.

She asks him whether anybody speaks sick about his sister. He makes a gory movement to spoil her clothes. Khushi does not dissuade by his undignified measure and runs off. Bua and Garima get to listen to the folks defaming Shashi if the Baraat does not turn up. Garima wants a response about Khushi. Payal does not have any reaction about Khushi.

Khushi returns house to locate her family mad, and also the relatives gossiping to attribute her farther. She’s speechless when asked about her lack. Shashi feels ashamed and sorrowful. Their parents believe the load of this humiliation. He wants to understand what was Khushi around. Payal enables Khushi to show their strategy.

Khushi tells them that Abhishek might have ceased his mommy from accepting dowry, she desired Payal and Abhishek’s terms to become dominant. She says that she wished to understand when Abhishek can also be keen on taking dowry. She tells she attained a style occasion by error.

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Khushi gets reprimanded for fretting into household matters when her parents are living to manage it. Bua accuses Khushi of attempting to spoil Payal’s lifetime because she is not Payal’s actual sister. Garima can be hurt due to Khushi.

Payal is convinced that Abhishek was not worthy of her. Therefore he did not arrive with the barman. Khushi then requires a shocking movement. Arnav and Khushi’s bonding get climbing in their next move. She wants to make him understand his error because Payal’s marriage issue might have been treated if he did not create difficulties by locking her up in his palace.

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