Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update 5th August 2020

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update 5th August 2020

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update 5th August 2020: Beni And Happu Steal The Mango Boxes

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update 5th August 2020: He places a rickshaw puller and asks him to provide the mango box. He threatens him to provide the mango box. The man who’s attracting the mangoes box, lets Beni take among this box. Beni goes. The man arrives at happu’s home and tells he has attracted mangoes. Amma asks if he’s abandoned the way.

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He says he arrived from another manner and reveals the mangoes box. Does Amma ask where another box is? He leaves. Amma asks Rajjo to maintain the mangoes in the locker to conceal from happu. Rajjo gives water. Happu asks why you’re standing on my mind? Hritik says there’s a vacancy for bank watchman.

Hritik says that an inspector could not know about the theft occurring in his area, and that is why he will turn into a guard. Happu asks in which the theft occurred? Amma says behind this particular lane. She tells that one box has been stolen from the thief.

However, another person will probably be eaten with us. She tells that she’s maintained the mangoes in the locker. Happu asks her to provide the mangoes secured in the bank and says they’re behaving as it’s silver and gold. Amma asks Rajjo to become mindful.

Beni is at his property. Happu finds mangoes seeds and peel at the dustbin and queries Beni. Beni says you’re accusing me. He says that he hates mangoes since youth and tells that Bunty had attracted mangoes, ate and threw the peels in the bin.

Happu asks him to sneak the mangoes because of him. Beni says I can not do such lousy work like I do not wish to get defeated by Rajesh. Happu says I’m with you and asks him to do because he says. He whispers his strategy from his ears. Beni says you’re burglar type.

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Rajjo requires Happu and other people to have meals. Happu asks what exactly did you create? He asks her to telephone children. Happu asks if that can be a mango effect. Beni comes there covering his face also holds knife Amma, requesting her to provide the box. Amma asks exactly what you may do with this box. Beni says he’ll eat. Rajjo attracts the dustbin.

Beni checks and asks when they believed him absurd and asks to provide mango box. Amma asks him to depart a few mangoes. Beni says mango isn’t right in diabetes. Amma asks how you can understand? Beni strikes him goes together with mango box. Amma gets angry.

Happu arrives at Beni’s home and asks where your mango box is? Beni tells it is there. Beni says that he did not know who’s consumed them tells that he does not like mangoes since youth. Happu begins eating it asks him to speak slow, else Rajesh will come.

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