Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update 27 March 2020

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update 27 March 2020

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update 27 March 2020: Beni Apologizes To Rajjo And Happu

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update 27 March 2020: The Episode begins with Rajjo telling Amma her life is destroyed and says she’ll drink poison. Amma says I won’t allow my child to come here. She asks if I’m dead and says she’s her daughter. Kat says dad told that poor folks do so to destroy proper police officer’s home.

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Malaika says that our Bapu isn’t an appropriate officer of police. Kat says that our papa can not be a proper officer or even a good dad, etc.. Rajjo asks, Are you shameless? Happu says I did not do anything. Rajjo says I’ve observed everything and asks Beni to earn divorce documents. Rajjo scolds him says will I inform what you were performing in the government channel.

She asks Beni to create the papers prepared. Beni says, okay. Amma says I don’t think you as you’re your father’s son too and he’s like this. Happu says Divorce occurs in this home. He says whenever the kids in the house see two divorces then they are going to learn a good lesson.

He asks Beni to create the papers prepared and asks the kids to choose whom they need to reside. Rajjo yells, keeping her mind Amma’s shoulder. Happu asks kids to pick and inform him in the afternoon.

Afterwards, Happu reminisces Rajjo giving him stiffen along with their intimate moments. A gloomy tune plays…In Beni’s home, Beni says Vimlesh we’ll be glad household and will have ten kids, one additional from happu. He sees a woman standing and believes she’s Vimlesh.

She asks ‘ are you drinking because of the morning and the reason why? He says he’s drinking due to surprise, and we will get married, I’d need about to get married to you. The woman asks what exactly do you mean? Beni says I’d went to Baba and that he gave me an alternative.

He says he’ll create Happu patch up using Rajjo again, following their union. The woman says that you broke my didi’s alliance and informs that she dodoes wish to wed him. Beni says is not he adorable and chubby? Vimlesh says that I will perish, but won’t marry you, you’re a terrible guy.

She asks him to visit Ghuya ke khet. She awakens. Beni recalls all of his wrongdoings. Happu asks what happened for you personally? Beni says he drank because of the night

Happu says I’m not able to talk for you, go out of here. Beni says, but I wish to speak. He calls everybody. Rajjo asks did you attract divorce documents. Happu says I want to divorce you and informs Beni she dodoes hear him after having nine kids. He asks him to find the papers prepared. Rajjo says your buddy does error over and over and expects me to forgive me.

Happu says Divorce will occur today and provides a promise to beni, requesting him not to wed Vimlesh. Beni shouts asking them to not battle and asks how do you struggle in front kids and asks them to take a look at the kids’ faces. He says that my buddy did not make any error; it was my mistake.

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He says that I came into a home as Chaddha, then went as Chaddha’s spouse into the Police station. Malaika asks, did you market your head in mutton store? Amma slaps him. Beni says that afternoon I told you that I’m going into the Baba. He says Baba advised that Vimlesh’s union isn’t occurring as her older sister’s marriage is capping it.

He says badatauggested him to receive them Divorce and after his labour, create them spot up. Happu is going to conquer him. Rajjo asks him to abandon him hugs Happu. Amma and kids get joyful. Only then they hear on the radio regarding the imitation baba deceiving people. Amma informs Happu that she’ll go and convince your babu Ji, as he’s angry. Happu and many others laugh

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