Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update 26 March 2020

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update 26 March 2020

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update 26 March 2020: Beni Tries To Destroy Happu And Rajjo’s Happy Life

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update 26 March 2020: The episode begins with Beni coming to Happu’s home in disguise and blames Happu for with his wife. Malaika asks Happu to state. Happu asks what crap. He chooses him out and tells him he is a police officer. Happu asks who your wife is? Beni tells his wife was able to take his title at night and asks him to take her off.

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Happu asks him what’s he saying? He makes Rajjo suspicious and moves inside. Rajjo says that this home will crack, and you’ll be responsible. She says she’ll phone Beni here to make divorce documents. Happu says fine, all of the women shall divorce their husbands.

Chamchi asks Rajjo not to do this. Kat asks Rajjo not to spoil her joyful life. Hritik asks Rajjo to Provide an Opportunity to Papa. The children tell that what’ll occur together and where they will remain? Rajjo believes what to do. Happu says a guy is blaming me, and you doubt me.

He says that you don’t have some thoughts and asks, did you find that guy’s wife. He says you did not find that woman and can be doubting me. Hritik says Papa is proper.

Kat, Chamchi, and Malaika concur with happu. Rajjo asks Amma to possess meals. Amma refuses. Happu says I’ll have meals. Rajjo requires the children to have snacks and attempts to convince Amma. Beni hears them think to demonstrate evidence to Rajjo. Kat tells Malaika that everybody was considering mummy and daddy.

Kat tells him that mother and dad had a struggle. Kamlesh says, I understand, and I heard them fighting within their area. Malaika scolds him peeping inside their room. Kamlesh tells he did not see intentionally. Kat believes and says, that I am not sure.

Malaika defeats him pushes him out of the window, she yells his bag too. Kat asks that one you will select.
He asks her to go and see his wife, along with her husband, because she wished to see her eyes. Rajjo asks, how can you understand? Beni says she obtained the advice. Rajjo says if that isn’t real, then I shall beat you.

Happu comes there and tells them he came to sit and never to drink. He explains that somebody is supporting him. A girl and her husband desired me to find divorce and wish to break my property. He says after I come to understand the cheap guy, I’ll beat him. Beni says I shall conquer him. Happu says that I shall take them to the Police station and tells what things to tell Amma and Rajjo.

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Does Beni ask what exactly did you do? He says that he touched on her to shoot bicchu from her clothing; only then Rajjo and Amma arrive there and watch him. He gets mad on that guy and calls him with bad titles. Beni says I’ll visit your home and will make Amma and Rajesh know. Happu cries. Beni plays the tune.

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