Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update 25 March 2020

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Upadate 25 March 2020

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update 25 March 2020:  Amma Decides To Divorce Dada Ji

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update 25 March 2020: The Episode begins with Happu telling Dada Ji, which Rajjo is bothering him a whole lot, and he did not do anything. Dada Ji says there isn’t any smoke without flame. He says you’re like me. Happu says why I’ll bear if she increases finger in my personality.

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Dada Ji tells his Amma never delivered him to swing once aloo paratha was created. Happu feels awful on his fortune and tells his Amma, wife, and kids aren’t showing pity. Malaika signals Hritik to take the food into Papa. Kat and Ranbir also indicate him to provide food to Papa.

Hritik tells Chamchi that when Maa returns, then informs her that I moved on to find satori. He throws down the bowl and crawls out softly to provide a paratha into Happu. Happu says that his son is his. Rajjo includes in front of hritik. Hritik gets stunned and crawls back again. Happu is also shocked.

The children continue to consume the food being fearful of their mother. Happu could not bear his appetite. Amma asks Rajjo to possess food and tells she understands Happu nicely, and he should possess six samosas, at least from the police station. Does she ask why you’re hungry?

Amma asks him to be more truthful with them always. Amma slaps him and says that I phoned you for work and that is why I asked you to deliver the newspapers. Rajjo becomes stunned and drops the plate. Beni asks what exactly did Chacha Ji do? Amma says when I tell you, then you won’t come into his shraddh to get kheer puri.

Rajjo tells it had been Happu’s mistake. Commissioner tells that Happu’s personality is so great that he’ll provide him an award on 15th August. He gives the telephone to Happu. Happu and Rajjo speak to one another and say I love you to each other. Beni writes the note and asks where to ship it. Amma seems shocked.

Kat speaks to somebody and ends the phone. Kamlesh comes there and asks Kat to consume candies, as he’s happy now. Kamlesh says divorce difficulty canceled, mummy papa adoring each other, I loved that. Kat says wow Kamlesh, means that my parents are using a powerful bond. Kamlesh says ghuya and says Didi will require custody from the Papa on certain days.

Kat says my mom isn’t that your didi, my dad isn’t poor and tells her parents can not remain without one another, they’re such as the sun and moon. Kamlesh says my mummy and Papa are similar to Tom and Jerry since they developed my entire body like a cartoon.

Happu asks why you’re shutting the door. Rajjo says I need to say sorry. Happu asks when she wishes to love and asks her to wait until night. Rajjo asks if your mood is put after you get drunk no. Happu asks what occurred, and you’re in the atmosphere.

Rajjo says she’s awaiting him since dawn. Rajjo says I’ll manage her and asks him to love with her. Happu is joyful that Rajjo wishes to enjoy. Rajjo dances with him while the tune Pyaar ka significant plays with. They collapse on the mattress.

Kat says you’re looking mad hot now. Amma says a person struck her and make her know that her daddy’s name is Happu rather than steal. Hritik asks why you’re mad? Amma says I’m angry, and that is why looking mad. Kat asks, did you struggle with mummy. Rajjo says I do not fight with Amma.

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Kat requires their selfie. Rajjo tells Amma that Pita Ji did not make a significant mistake. She says when the tooth isn’t excellent, then it isn’t plucked out. Amma says if it’s rotten, then it’s thrown out. She yells. Rajjo asks her what folks will feel she wishes to throw the tooth that’s not there. Amma says that I need dia divorceRanbir asks if tooth get divorced also.

Hritik says we believed you’d gone for ingesting, and that is why they did not consume. Rajjo says she left sabzi because of him. Malaika says I’m working and do not wish to eat today. He asks Kat to drink. Kat says I’m on dieting.

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