Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update 10 August 2020

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update 10 August 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update 10 August 2020: Guddan Does The First Challenge

Scene 1

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update 10 August 2020: Guddan says that I take your challenge. I’ll play with this game of departure. Does AJ say what exactly are you saying? Guddan says after three times, it is Janmashtami. She’ll be a whole lot luckier than you. You begin your game, but I’ll end it. I enjoy your bravery. Ganga says that my mind creates this game. There’ll be degrees in this game, and every level would be harder. No opportunities, however. You shed, and you lose.

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Guddan says it is 9. It is Choti’s time. Ganga says you can not satisfy her until you win this game. Guddan says, but I will see her on a video phone? Ganga says fine but after the very first degree. Guddan says, what will I do? Ganga says that her papa must do. Guddan appears at AJ.

Durga says, can we please visit Choti now? Guddan says, as far as I know, you will not provide such a simple challenge. Ganga says you know your love so well. The actual challenge begins now. Guddan must make both round roti in only 7 minutes.

Durga says this is not fair. You know Guddan can not make it. Laxmi says that this is cheating. Ganga says I’ve designed the whole game, maintaining Guddan’s flaws in your mind. She’ll cry to sleep should you neglect. You are a mom. You’re able to make it.

Durga says to Guddan you’re ready to accomplish this. Guddan is anxious. Guddan says I will do anything for the own daughter. Ganga says it should be just like your husband. Aj says that you can perform this Guddan. Ganga says your time begins now.
Scene two
Guddan arrives at the kitchen and says I’ll take action for Choti. Ganga begins a timer. Can Laxmi state what’s going to occur if Guddan can not make a round roti? Aj says that this is a mommy’s fight. She’ll win it for certain.

Guddan strives, but her rotis are not routed. Guddan recalls Ganga stating in the event that you do not do so, Choti will shout to sleep. Guddan is that I rip. She recalls AJ stating you are able to do it. Guddan tries. AJ says I need to assist her.

Ganga says that is not the component of the game. Her thugs arrive in. Ganga says I will not enjoy it if they conquer you. So you listen without me needing to do this.

Can AJ state what’s that? Guddan is enjoying with my game. She says in the event that you move your toes, I’ll prevent Choti’s breaths. Guddan says I must do this, what’s but how? I’ve done a lot but can not do this. Just 3 minutes are abandoned. AJ says, where’s she moving? I wish I educated her.

AJ stated your favorite topic has to be geography. You are making Rotis such as Nepal’s map. It could be another nation. Guddan threw flour on him said, what was your favorite topic? Home science? How does it seem like a ghost?

AJ pulled her shut and stated my spouse needs to become a witch too now. He threw flour onto her. Guddan said. AJ stated I would not have left you when I needed to depart.

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Guddan said many dialogues. He explained learned from your own movies. AJ came to kiss her. Guddan stated the pan is still hot. AJ said, not over you. Guddan said instruct me the way to make round rotis. Aj said you do not need to. You may always be served with round Rotis created by me.

AJ says it is all of my error. I should have taught her if she inquired. It is so large because the opinion should be as large as the participant. Guddan says just 1 minute is abandoned. Ganga says she can not take action now. Everybody is worried.

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