Dil Hi Toh Hai Rithvik Palak Vikrant past revealed

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Dil Hi Toh Hai Rithvik Palak Vikrant past revealed

Dil Hi Toh Hai Rithvik Palak Vikrant past revealed Episode 2

She guesses Rithvik once more. He tells her that she seems magnificent. She gets overly upset; he is not with her. He cheers her up and does not feel the sorrow should issue.

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She tells him that he thinks of her lot. He tells her that love is not pure, love takes evaluations. She misses him profoundly. The family has gone through a great deal in both of these years because Rithvik slipped into a coma. Vijay and Mamta break back on watching Rithvik staying dead in the state of trance. Palak neglects to tolerate this reality. Rithvik and Palak’s brothers get into injury due to the crash.

Noons additionally suffer in operation. They were terrified that Noon biotech will probably be destroyed and did not take care of the losses. Vikrant had handled Noon’s company as well as the family. Vikrant retains the family united and carries Rithvik’s location correctly.

He’d attracted Palak and her brothers from this injury and managed the corporation. Riva thinks of yesteryear, where she had been forced to believe practically for the interest of the family. Back at the flashback, Riva believes Palak should wed Vikrant. She tells Aman they should not deceive themselves and get Palak married to Vikrant.

Palak occurs to overhear them. Noon and Mamta shout and opt to sell the home to be responsible for the losses. Riva does not think Palak warrants a debilitating life. Vijay and Mamta concur with Riva and request her to proceed in life by devoting Vikrant.

Vikrant occurs to see alliance discussions. Palak gets upset and does not provide her a nod. Everybody leaves the confidence which Rithvik will come from this coma. Palak tells Vikrant that there’s nobody in her lifetime except Rithvik. Vikrant knows her sacrifice. He does not compel her.

She marries Vikrant only to maintain the Noons stable and united. Palak apologizes to Rithvik and tells him she can not make him move away. Vikrant tells her that he’s married her only to the sake of Jia and Dia. He does not desire Palak to feel pressured.

He tells her that they will stay great friends, and he won’t ever force his love. Back to the present, Vikrant presents diamond rings to Palak. She needs him to present it to Mamta because of its Mamta’s anniversary. Vikrant proceeds to place effort. Riva inquires Vikrant about his wildest love. Vikrant is pleased with his wildest love, which not begins and never finishes.

Riva asks Palak to take a simple fact that Rithvik will not return. She desires Palak to appreciate Vikrant, who’s the Noon family. Palak does not wish to proceed. She’s convinced that Rithvik finds her daily when she speaks to him. She loves Rithvik and can not give his location to Vikrant.

She’s confident that Rithvik will come from this coma. Rithvik’s illness gets worse. Ananya asks him not to take care of fate. Vijay and Vikrant possess a father-son minute. Vikrant tells him that Geeta does not need the fact to be understood.

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Rithvik gets helpless. She understands they’ve united not to confront separation. Rithvik needs her to keep in mind that they’ll always be connected via the sky. She attempts to get clues about Rithvik’s words. The family cried to visit Rithvik. They get to watch him realize his survival hopes are falling level. Noons get into pain and can not allow Rithvik to die.

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